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Old warthog with quick reflexes
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Bushwacker 27-Feb-20
INbowdude 27-Feb-20
Zebrakiller 28-Feb-20
Shuteye 28-Feb-20
From: Bushwacker

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I was able to get an arrow into this old warthog in Namibia, but barely. We were standing below ground in a really nice blind, but I had never hunted that far 'below' ground before. I think my arrow was traveling about 18" - 24" off the ground. Regardless, I was happy with the outcome. I was hunting with Pieter Delport and had a great time, he knows what it takes to make a bowhunter successful.

From: INbowdude
Nice warty!

From: Zebrakiller
Cant wait till sept thanks for sharing

From: Shuteye
Nice hog, congratulations.

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