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Oryx taken in Namibia
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Bushwacker 01-Mar-20
DConcrete 01-Mar-20
Hackbow 01-Mar-20
wildwilderness 01-Mar-20
AZ~Rich 01-Mar-20
MichaelArnette 01-Mar-20
Zebrakiller 02-Mar-20
midwest 02-Mar-20
StickFlicker 02-Mar-20
Bushwacker 02-Mar-20
billc 02-Mar-20
Treeline 02-Mar-20
From: Bushwacker

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One of my three Oryx taken in Namibia with Pieter Delport and Eintracht Jagd Safaris back in late September. From the initial impact, you immediately think I hit too far forward. What a great experience it is to hunt Africa and I hope this wasn't my last time. So much to see, so many places to hunt, and not as expensive as you'd think. I've been twice, and the thing all always think to myself when I'm there is, "I'm in freakin' Africa!"

From: DConcrete
That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing that

From: Hackbow
That's a beaut!

Nice shot and not at all too far forward. Right in the triangle like BB taught on all the elk shot placement threads.

Too many wannabe “celebrity “ whitetail hunt videos with horrible too low and back “heart” shots that they say “ have to wait over night to find that one” crap shots that teach bad shot placement.

From: AZ~Rich
You hit that gemsbok in the perfect textbook spot for African plains game: top of heart/Solid double lung shot.

Perfect shot on that species

From: Zebrakiller
that was sweet

From: midwest
Those things are gorgeous! Nice shot.

From: StickFlicker
Great video, and I agree with the others. Even before I saw it go down, I knew you had placed the arrow perfectly. Gemsbok are not one you want to hit too far back, and even the crease is too far back on one.

From: Bushwacker
Thanks everyone, I wish I could say every shot I make is like that, but I'm human. I'll post some other videos from the hunt.

From: billc
dee you made some great video. Pieter has so many good areas and knows hunting. Can not wait to get there for my 3rd time in july. Post a pic of that eland you past on so guys can see him.

From: Treeline
Beautiful shot! Congratulations!

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