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Best Panic Button device?
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nijimasu 02-Mar-20
Pop-r 02-Mar-20
nijimasu 04-Mar-20
Brotsky 04-Mar-20
Jaquomo 04-Mar-20
APauls 04-Mar-20
Tony 09-Mar-20
Bloodtrail 09-Mar-20
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elkmtngear 09-Mar-20
From: nijimasu
I've had a SPOT for several years and it's always worked, but it does have its limitations. Now it's time to renew or move on, but I haven't been keeping up with new tech at all- there must be several options now. Recommendations from you guys who have been using the various devices?

From: Pop-r
Garmin Inreach Mini is all you need to know.

From: nijimasu
Pop-r Thanks for being kind enough to respond- I see the In-reach threads now- didn't know what they were. I'll look into them.

From: Brotsky
+2 In-reach mini. Great device.

From: Jaquomo
Dale, I used SPOT for years before switching to an Inreach Mini. Monthly subscription is about the same, can suspend it during the months when not needed. But the functionality and reliability are head and shoulders better.

From: APauls
Don't forget you're an idiot if you don't have am Inreach ha ha!

From: Tony

Tony 's Link
I used a somewear last year for my moose hunts. Less features then an in reach but does everything I want it to.

From: Bloodtrail
I thought Pat’s answers on the Bloodtrail Challenge were mostly Panic Button devices :)

From: SteveB
InReach! Don’t leave home without it! ??

From: elkmtngear
Liberal Media...no doubt !

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