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How many shots?
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From: Medicinemann
Just out of curiosity, how many arrows do you shoot during a typical practice session? Do you shoot various distances, or is each session usually at one set distance, and the distances vary from session to session?

From: x-man
12-24 shots depending on how it's going. Yardage depends on weather conditions for me.

From: Medicinemann
X-man, Do you tend to shoot more when you are shooting well (because it is fun when you are spot on), or do you shoot more when you are not shooting well, in hopes that more practice will improve your accuracy? In your opinion, if someone is practicing too much....what is the first "mistake" that starts to happen?.....dropping their bowhand, or what?

From: Hh76
10-50, depending on how much time I have, or how comfortable I am. Most of my shooting ends up being late in the evening, and often the mosquitos make concentrating and holding difficult (and not fun).

For me, when I'm not shooting well, it's best for me to take a break and come back later. Otherwise, I tend to overanalyze and make things worse.

From: Bake
Depends on how it goes. Once I get tired, or make some bad shots, I stop. I shoot in my yard, and can shoot whenever, so if I shoot 2 arrows and I'm shooting terrible, I'll put it up and come back later. But most of my sessions are probably 15-20 arrows. In the summer, I'll do that 6 evenings a week

As far as distance, I like to shoot long. Most of my sessions once I get dialed in will be shots at 60-80 yards. If I'm shooting well at 60-80, I find 30-40 yard shots are cake.

As the summer progresses, I'll shoot fewer arrows. Shoot 3-4 arrows at a long range, then one or two at shorter odd-yards ranges as I walk up to the target. Then quit for the day

From: Two Feathers
I shoot around 60 arrows. From ground level I shoot sitting at distances of 13 - 27 yards most 18 - 21 yards. From an elevated position I shoot standing and the distances range from 10 - 25 yards.

I like to shoot 5 to 10 a day from varying distances

From: Supernaut
Since I made the switch from compound to recurve a few years ago, I shoot everyday. Some days it's only a dozen arrows and other days I shoot for hours. When the weather is bad I can only shoot 10 yards in my basement. When I'm able to shoot outside I almost always shoot varying distances each session, mostly 30 yards and in but I can shoot up to 70 yards which is fun for me. I also practice out of a 15' ladder stand sitting and standing. I enjoy shooting my bow so I don't view it as work or practice, it's just fun.

From: Big John
15 to 40 on an average, while preparing for a hunt I will often shoot 5 arrows and then run approximately 100 yards to elevate my heart rate, shoot 5 more... not sure if it helps my shooting ability but it keeps the neighbors away. It confirms their worst fears... I'M CRAZY!!!

From: fubar racin
Through the winter I shoot 12 arrows a day at 11 yards ( the distance from the front door to the back wall of the bedroom) summer time I shoot anywhere from 12-100 shots per night from 11 yards to 100 yards.

I typically shoot 30 arrows almost everyday. Every shot is from a different distance, since I practice for hunting and 3D.

From: LINK
Sometimes 40 and sometimes 3. Sometimes 80 yards, other times 15 yards inside. As others have said weather, particularly wind, plays a part. Time of season/ year plays a part as well.

From: x-man
"X-man, Do you tend to shoot more when you are shooting well (because it is fun when you are spot on), or do you shoot more when you are not shooting well, in hopes that more practice will improve your accuracy? In your opinion, if someone is practicing too much....what is the first "mistake" that starts to happen?.....dropping their bowhand, or what?"

I shoot more when I shoot well. I don't like to reinforce bad habits. I have been shooting for long enough, and at a very high level for long enough to recognize if/when I'm being lazy or not "relaxed" enough.

From: elkmtngear
My Wife and I, shoot around 50 to 60 arrows per session, with shots ranging from 10 to 80 yards, shooting uphill, downhill, etc.

I have about a dozen 3D targets scattered about the property, with some challenging shooting lanes cut.

From: relliK reeD
15 to 20 for me. start with 3 arrows at 20 yds and end up at 50 yds. I have a ladder set up to my roof. climb up to roof and shoot a few from there. High point on roof is 20 feet the same height I set tree stands.

From: Shawn
15 to 20 and I shoot the first 2 or 3 at 20 than move back to 40 and beyond for the rest. I rarely shoot more than 25 yds at game so practicing at 40 to 60 makes those close shots pretty simple. Shawn

From: WapitiBob
I spend way more time drawing, aiming, and letting down than I do actually shooting the arrow; 30 minutes/day minimum.

From: Reggiezpop
I’ve been shooting my longbow 5 nights a week in the basement at 7yds. I typically do 36 arrows per session, only focusing on form and consistent release. I almost have it almost figured out!

From: drycreek
When I actually did shoot, it was usually 4 or 5 sets of three arrows at 20 yards and 30 yards. Sometimes I would just walk out of the house and fling one arrow into the Glendel buck at 40 and go to work. My best and most enjoyable practice was getting together with my son and our friends to shoot the 3D targets in the woods behind my house. I had 4 deer, 2 bear, and a warthog and we shot them coming and going at various yardages. The mulie buck we shot at 50 going in and 70 coming back. It was down in a little drain so if (when?) we missed we wouldn’t lose the arrow ! :-)

I shoot till I'm comfortable at 20 yards and then start walking back to 50. Sometimes it takes longer then others.

From: Korey Wolfe
1 arrow at 50. If its on, I put it up.

I never end on a bad shot, so if things are going well, I'll shoot my last shot at 10 yards.

I usually just shoot one arrow a day

From: Huntcell
1 to 10 shots everyday

Bow is hanging by the backdoor, shoot coming and going.

From: SBH
15-30 arrows a day with my long bow. Usually at the range on my way into work in the morning. In the winter when we’re slower I’ll get another session in during lunch. When weather is better, it’s backyard on the Glendale with my boys. Shoot just about everyday.

From: Bowboy
When at the local range 30-50 shots. At home in my basement 10-15. When spring and summer comes around probably 30 or so at home outdoor range almost daily.

From: ahunter76
If I'm going to shoot a big tournament like field I shoot a full round (112 arrows from 10 thru 80 yds-4 each distance). I try to shoot at least everyday for a week ahead. Target is 90 arrows & 30 at ea 60-50-40 yds. A week if possible. 3-Ds I don't worry to much about as it's usual only 40 shots max & It's a fun round with my kids & G-kids. Deer Season or a hunt out of state (at least 30 a day) I usually start with my hunting bow & make sure I'm dead on thru 40 yds & I only shoot BHs in practice. I do like 15 at 40, 10 at 30 & 5 at 20 for Deer. If it's Antelope I do mostly 30,40,50 & some at 60 yds (10 each distance). I guess on average I do a minimum of 30 when I get the bow out. If it's hot, hot out, can make a difference. I've been at it so long I don't worry to much about shots 25 yds & under.. 40 yds seem to be the spot my groups begin to open up..

From: Kurt
I start out on my long shots...the first is usually between 85 and 97 yards. I will shoot one arrow per stop and walk closer to the target, typically shooting the second at 75, 3rd at 60, 4th at 50. Then I climb up the mountain above the house and shoot back down from 80/60/50/40, one arrow each. If I feel like it, I may shoot 4 more from various yardages, either above the target or from out on the flat. So basically I shoot 8-12 arrows per day, about 5 or 6 times a week before hunts start. Obviously if setting up a new bow or string/cables, then I will shoot more. Works for me!

From: rooster
I probably average 20 shots per session at home. Mostly between 20 and 40 yards. I'll stop if I'm having a bad day and come back to it later that day or the next. A local Metro park has a 15 station 3D course with at least 2 and up to 6 targets per station anywhere between spittin' distance and 50ish yards, which is a good time.

From: Dale06
In warmer weather, I shoot almost every day, and shoot 20-30 shots, usually at one distance, 20, 30, or 40 yards. About every 10 days, I’ll shoot BHs but only shoot 10 shots. In winter months, usually a couple times a week, about 20 shots, usually 20 yards.

Once upon a time, I used to shoot 80-100 arrows a day, 5 times a week.

Nowadays, I shoot 1 or two arrows at a time and usually 5-20 arrows in a session.

Most of the arrows I shoot are in the 25-55 yard range with my compound and in the 15-25 yard range with my recurve.

From: Ermine
I try to practice year around. I usually shoot about 6-10 arrows a practice session. From Varying distances.

I also like to go walk around and and shoot 3-d targets which results in more arrows.

From: cnelk
4 - 6 shots a day, is about all can do unless I take my ADD medicine :)

From: Fuzzy
probably fewer than you on your average polar bear hunt Jake

From: Teeton
I try to shoot 3 arrows at a time 2 to 3 times a shoot session twice a week. Now I have a business and can shoot 25 yds indoors. I also shoot about one sometime two 30 target indoor 3d shoot a month. This is all in the off season.

In season, spring till hunting season. still 3 arrows at a time 3 or 4 times a week. But will shoot 5 to 10 sets. If I'm shooting bad, say 3 sets in a roll. I'll a lot of times stop and pick up shooting in the next day or so. Also try to do two outdoor 3D shoots a month from April on. Ed

From: 76aggie
I average 50 to 60 shots per session. If I am having a really bad day, I quit early. Don't like shooting in the cold but I can shoot in the rain from my back porch down a covered walkway. I warm up with a few 10 yard shots and then shoot randomly from approximately 15 to 25 yards. I do not shoot my recurve or longbow anymore than 25 yards as a rule.

From: Shug
When I do bale work I have a program I shoot working on different parts of my shot at 5 feet... it breaks down to 60 shots X number of arrows concentrating different things.

At a distance 100 arrows a day on average

From: Paul@thefort
Practice 10 days prior to elk or deer season, I only shoot one BH arrow per outing although I shoot 1-3 times per day and from 10 to 40 yards. Prior to BH shooting, I shoot up to 20 field point arrows 2-3 times per week.

From: nmwapiti
15 to 20 arrows. Usually all at 80 yards, our farthest bag. 3 to 4 times a week in the summer.

From: Bou'bound
6 but I pick up the bow multiple times a day and shoot

I really never shoot at spots. I have a large excelsior backstop that I use life size spray painted silhouettes of the next animal I am scheduled to hunt. That way I get used to kill zone size, coat shading, etc.

From: HDE
Lately about 5 to 6 per year.

From: milnrick
We typically shoot 12-15 arrows in groups of 3 every other afternoon. Ranges vary between 15 and 30 yards. Three shots are taken from our deck (13 steps above ground).

Roughly 2 weeks before hunting season or before heading to bear camp we start shooting one arrow per evening at either a deer or bear target.

From: INbowdude
The first shot in practice might be the only shot in the field. I will typically shoot 5 arrows at 20 yards and then put the bow up. For me it's all about that first shot. Having typed that, I will pick the bow back up later and shoot again (might change the angle or distance or up in a stand) I also don't like to end on a bad shot so sometimes it's more shots. When I'm shooting for fun, I'm not counting shots as much as I am concentrating on the shots at various distances.

10-20, 4-5X per week. Typically hunting distance.

From: Bloodtrail
Just one with my crossbow. Gotta make sure I’m still on at 100 yards. Lmao.

Ummmmmm. No. Just bashing crossbow practice. Lol.

Usually shoot 15-20 shots daily from June till September. Sometimes it’s just 1-2 shots to make it like hunting. Muscle memory is pretty much in place by then. ;)

From: Candor
If I have not shot in a couple months, I shoot probably 30 arrows and do not get too concerned about more arrow gaps than usual. Then I try to shoot a day or two later to start developing my mus-kles again.

Once conditioned I shoot anywhere from just a couple arrows (and if they are spot on, I may stop if I am hunting that day) to 25 or so. I always try to stop on a good note and before fatigue sets in. I usually shoot 3-4 arrows before pulling from the target.

I value my first arrow and my last arrow as my focus points for deciding whether I need to force a session soon again.

4-5 shots Assorted distances and angles. I usually shoot about two-three times a month. With both trad and compound bow. Anymore then that and I get mentally fatigued with it and just start going through the motions


10 to 15 a day 5 days a week on avg. 20 yards mostly, 40 yards if i see the neighbor leave.. humans dont taste so good on the barbi..

From: RD in WI
I shoot multiple times a day (retired) and do most of my shooting at 40 - 70 yards. I probably shoot a couple dozen arrows during each session and move between the yard markers as the quality of my shooting dictates - good group at 50, move back another 10 yards. I shoot a bullseye target initially and switch to a 3-D target as the hunting season approaches. Good luck.

During the off season I’ll shoot as many as 100 or so but give at least 2 days rest before tournaments. During the hunting season never more than 12 shots a day and often only one shot

I shoot a longbow/recurve it might be different if I shot a compound.

I do all of this because fatigue is a concern for shots that count

I have the ability to shoot during my lunch break at work. I usually wait until the weather is getting warmer in the spring to start and tend to shoot anywhere from 20-50 shots per session. Yardage can be 20 to 80. And like others, if im shooting good, ill shoot more but if im having a rough day i cut it short.

From: Buffalo1
20 shots max per practice session. Max distances vary depending on what type of game I am planning to hunt.

If I think I’m having shooting form issues or equipment, I will shoot some at 45-50 yrs just to experiment to find shooting/arrow flight issues.

In my basement, less than 20 shots at 8 yards. When I'm outside on a nice day...upwards of 100 shots with yardage ranging from 40 out to 100. Typically I'm in the 50-70 yard range.

20-30 arrows, 3-4 days a week, varying distances.

Good to see you post Jake! I hope all is well!

From: ki-ke
"probably fewer than you on your average polar bear hunt Jake"

Thats good Fuzzy!

From: Brian M.
4-6 with my trad bows. Used to be 20-30, but found my focus is better with just a few shots.

From: Thornton
Last year I shot maybe a dozen arrows to make sure my bow was sighted in.

From: carcus
20 shots, usually 50 or 60 yards, for a month before and during the season then the archery stuff gets put away, rotator cuff preservation!

From: Catscratch
Preseason - As many shots per session as I have time for, or until form falls apart due to fatigue.

During season I do a lot of 1 shots (Once every 30 minutes all day if I can. Otherwise I might only get a shot once a day. Just depends). I'll leave my bow outside to acclimate and stop to make a shot whenever I can. The shot is always with the arrow and broadhead I'll knock up on a hunt. The first shot is the only one that counts. I mimic this as many times as I can. I figure I can shoot 50 times a session and have exactly 1 first shot that day. Or I can practice 10 first shots that day. Puts a lot of pressure on that one shot, no follow ups to redeem myself. Just how I do it personally. Lots of methods work for different people.

From: Thornton
Form to me is a waste of time. I stalk a lot or my trees have dense branches. Most of my shots require awkward contortions of the body to get an arrow where it needs to go.

Hey Form is so overrated :)

From: jmiller
I have a few 3d targets on my property. I sometimes shoot just a few arrows and other times for an hour. It all depends on the day.

From: TD
Probably 20 or 30 two or three times a week when I'm hunting during the year. I'll ramp it up a couple more days leading up to a big hunt. Always checking tune throwing in a couple broadheads. Bird season, Nov. though Jan. I rarely shoot at all.

Don't like to shoot day after day for a couple reasons. Too much and it becomes a chore and not enjoyable. And with most exercise I've found it's best to have a "rest" day to let the muscles and such repair.

Too much shooting leads to getting tired and picking up bad habits. I have enough bad habits as it is...

From: buzz mc

buzz mc's embedded Photo
buzz mc's embedded Photo
I shoot 3-7 days a week, 3-12 arrows a session. A lot of it depends on the weather. On the days that I do shoot, I usually shoot several times a day. I work from the house and it gives me a good break from the desk. Most of my shots are right at 40 yards. That's the distance from my side garage door to my target. When it gets closer to a hunt, I'll vary the distances from around 10 yards to 93 yards (mailbox to rear property line) and I'll hang a stand in the backyard and shoot from it.

From: DanaC
I don't keep close count but probably 30 to 40. I try to shoot every other day, or 3-4 times a week. Varying distances, usually start with a few 'bale' shots and then work away from ten yards out.

From: Boris
When I start the new year, I take 2 arrows to make sure I am sighted in. Shoot no more than 12 arrows in a session. Once I am dialed in, I take one and only one arrow out for my practice session. Seeing that I am hunting only deer, I have my bow sighted in at 20 yards. Now, when I shoot, I look at where that arrow hits. I ask WHY it hit there, Did It fly right, and How did that feel when I shot. Yes, I do this with every arrow. I do this because I am training the musles to go into AUTO-PILOT at the moment of truth. 99% of the time you only get one chance. Time wise, it may take me 45-60 minutes to shoot 12 arrows.

From: ahunter76
If it's 2 weeks b/4 Deer season I shoot BHs every day if possible & a minimum of 10 from each,20-30-40 yds. I usually have 4 practise arrows. Once it's open I shoot a couple from my Deck (30 yds) every couple days. Summer & tourmament season I shoot some daily & if getting ready for a big shoot like Field I try to do a full round (112 arrows) at all the distances. (10 thru 80 yds) or Target (90 arrows) & 30 from 60-50 & 40 yds at least once b/4 the shoot. I shoot all distances practising in summer from 20 thru 50 yds always & plan on at least 12 from each distance this year. If it's blazing hot, maybe not. Thats with my compound & release. If I play with the 50# Longbow it's mosty 20 yds, fingers & 20 or so shots

From: Oldreb
For you fellows that shoot out to 70 - 100 yds. What is the size of the bulls eye on the target? I wouldn't be able to see a 3 inch bulls eye with my aging eyes at those distances. I usually practice from 10 - 40 yds. Mostly at 20 and 30 yds.

From: GF
Depends how many arrows I have on hand, but when I go to the club I usually shoot 2 dozen targets and up to 6 or 8 shots at each. So call it at least 100?

Irony is that I shot a lot fewer/session with the compound, even though you’d think you’d shoot a lot more @#50 & 85% LO vs. #53-#62 and zero....

From: Trophyhill
There are times I might walk outside and take one shot and call it good, and I might shoot 50-150 shots, or more. But I always end my session with a great shot whether it's 1 shot or 500

From: 12yards
I don't shoot much in one session. Hurts my shoulders too much, so I will shoot anywhere from 3-20 shots a few times a week. Not much outdoor shooting in MN for me from December through March. I shoot in the winter in my shed which is 30' x 50', so about a 16 yard shot. My Glen Del's heart is not doing very good right now. LOL.

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