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Duiker, or Spiker?
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From: Bushwacker

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Duiker wasn't on my list, but after taking my two Hartmann's Zebra, we were open to any trophy that came in. Pieter assured me this one was a good one. Being from Texas, and harvesting so many spike whitetail over the years, I was a little embarrassed to be shooting this little guy, but I'm glad I listened to my PH. This guy will be on my wall soon.

From: Fuzzy
Great shot! It's all about a prime mature example of the species for the area. Coues Deer hunters get stoked over a 110" buck, Sitka Blacktail hunters on Kodiak get heart-pumping excited over a 120" rack. I get all trembly when I bear down on a 5 pound fox squirrel. :)

From: Fuzz
Very cool. Saw a couple over there last year

From: Bou'bound
If you think that is tiny check out a dik dik.

From: Blue
nice trophy Congrats

From: Bushwacker
According to Pieter, it should be #5 on the list in Namibia with a bow, but that is unconfirmed. I'm not even sure if it's been scored yet? I'm not sure of the process.

From: Chief 419
It's been awhile since I had my African animals scored, but I seem to remeber there is no mandatory drying period before officially scoring for SCI. Maybe someone else here can confirm. Nice looking trophy.

From: Spiral Horn
It was a great shot! Congratulations!

They must be talking about the record book specifically for Namibia. It may be huge for Namibia, but for SCI Record Book purposes it’s a good representative Southern Bush Duiker. 60-day drying period is only necessary for Overall SCI Top Twenty Certification and doesn’t apply to alternative method ranking = bow, crossbow, pistol, muzz.

From: Bushwacker
Yes, you are correct, my PH said for Namibia, it would probably be in the top ten for sure, maybe #5 or #6? With archery...thanks for clearing that up and sorry if I mislead anyone

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