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LKH 06-Mar-20
Shuteye 06-Mar-20
From: LKH
Nope, not really about bow hunting unless you do the giant Canada's.

I have a 5 acre pond with a one acre island in front of the house. About 100 yards away. It's still got 15" plus of ice on it and the honkers have already started to get in the nesting mood. A pair is walking around right now looking over the possible nest sites. A dozen more just gave them a very low flyover.

Have a 50' high split spruce that is very thick. Each year the great horned owls nest there. They are calling and should set eggs soon.

Amazing how early these birds start.

From: Shuteye
Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland our ducks and geese are laying eggs and the Great Horned owls are nesting. The bald eagles were fixing up their nests in January. That nest had three baby eagles make it and I watched them take their first flights.

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