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Shooting in wind
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Shug 07-Mar-20
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Shug 07-Mar-20
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Bou'bound 07-Mar-20
Mailman 07-Mar-20
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Shug 08-Mar-20
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Tilzbow 09-Mar-20
Paul@thefort 09-Mar-20
From: Shug
I shoot a slow compound with a good weight arrow 230 FPS 475 gr arrow.

When the wind gusts 15 or more mph I regularly get some kick to my flight. The arrow still hits where I’m shooting but I’m curious if you guys with different set ups get the same reactions or could this be “ tuned” out?

From: Ucsdryder
Wind sucks. A 4mm arrow will help.

From: Shug
I actually shoot a FMJ 5 mm 3 5” feathers

From: Bloodtrail
I just watched a YouTube video with John Dudley. He uses small low profile vanes....four or more of them to reduce wind planing but still give him stability down range. It makes sense. Your feathers would be a big concern for me with wind shear.

From: Bou'bound
The arrow hits where you are shooting. That is the goal with every shot. Sounds to me like you don’t have a problem. You can’t control the weather.

From: Mailman
The problem is holding the bow steady in the wind. To me that is the most relevant factor.

From: Ermine
Skinny arrows and small fletch will help in the wind. I’ve had some arrows setups that were hardly moved by wind

From: cnelk
Shoot same direction as wind blows = no issues :)

From: fubar racin
Heavy cross wind sucks but I find it effects my shot more before release than after. That’s not at all to say it doesn’t effect arrow flight it’s just not as bad as my pin float before release

From: Tdvorak
If you are not getting a sail effect from your bow and can hold steady, and are not shooting extreme distances the wind drift is going to be minimal, less than 6 inches. That’s enough to blow the shot but if you are aware of it when you draw you can plan to hold over 2-4-6 inches and drop it in nicely. It is only when you get to taking extreme distance shots that your wind drift will really cause you some trouble. My experience is that a 30 yards shot for a hunter shooting at a truly world class trophy (compared to 3D targets) is getting pretty close to “extreme”. I understand that some hunters are confident to much further distances. I get pumped when my client come in and tell me they are rock solid at 30 yards in nice weather.

From: Tonybear61
I stuff my carbon shafts with weed whip string to bump up to 525 grains or better. Wind seems to have less effect, more momentum due to increased mass keeps them on target during shot and upon contact.

I shoot a similar set up, I get about 275 fps. Wind was my concern out on the grasslands. I shoot a 5mm fmj,,, I stripped off the blazers, went with 2 1/2 inch Fusions, and went to 4 Fletch. Shooting a 125 grain Wasp. No issues. Flies great.

From: Tlhbow
I live in the plains so deal with wind while practicing most of the time. Arrow is around 15/17% foc with 3 5/8" feathers weighing around 480gr. Shooting across wind the impact is ok out to 25 yards or so but back is pushed over some Don't have a problem hunting in strong wind but in heavy cover short shorts. My arrow is around 155/160 fps.

From: Shug
Thanks guys

From: Bowboy
Randy Ulmer shoots AAE Pro Max vanes. He shoots it in 4 Flectch and states it helps in windy conditions.

I live in WY and we get lots of wind. If it's real windy I can shoot pretty good to 30 or 35. What helps me it shoot on my knees if possible. My set-up is 5mm Axis with AAE Max Stealth vanes 3 fletch. They weigh 435 grains and buck the wind pretty well. Practicing in the wind helps knowing where your arrow will hit.

From: APauls
Wind drift isn’t as bad as you’d think. I find my arrow flight is better with fixed heads in the wind though because the wind hits the front and back of the arrow together. With mech heads it kicks more which I don’t like for impact penetration

From: Tilzbow
Wind drift shouldn’t be an issue with field points but fixed blade broadheads are another matter altogether.

From: Paul@thefort
if too windy, take off the bow quiver with arrows from the bow, as the quiver acts like a sail, making for an unstable bow shot.

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