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From: KSflatlander
Curious if anyone uses bear canisters as opposed to hanging food in a dry bag?

From: fubar racin
I just put all my food stuffs in the lid of my pack then pop the lid off and run it up a tree

From: Tdvorak
When I’m in bear country I’m always guiding a bear hunter. So I always store the bacon and any delicious smelling food under my client’s pillow. Then I HOPE the bear comes in because that makes my job SO much easier and the pack is a breeze. Always take an easy one!

From: joehunter
We used one when bivi hunting a unit in Colorado with high black bear population. Just kept all our food, snacks, tooth paste and brushes inside. At dark just moved down wind of camp 75 yards in an obvious spot. Had reflective tape on so it would be easy to find in the dark. Easier than hanging food.

From: BTM
Much better: Kevlar bags (sold in western backpacking stores or online). Lighter, USFS approved, and MUCH less bulky--especially as you use up your food.

From: drycreek
If I hunted with Tdvorak, I would want a kevlar sleeping bag and can of bear spray.........

The bear spray would be for Tdvorak.........:-)

From: Trophyhill

From: Trial153

I have used the Garcia Bear canister for the past several years. It takes some getting used to for the amount of space it takes up in your pack, but if you are hunting above treeline, or in an area that a bear canister is required they are great. Also doubles as a camp seat. Hunting partner has Ursak bags and they are way lighter and easier to pack but you are dependent on trees to hang them and it's kind of a pain in the rear getting them down and re hanging. He had one hit a few years ago and although the bear didn't get the reward, he still was able to crush some of the contents and slobber all over the punctured food. I do suggest you paint it a bright color and add some reflective tape in the event a bear does mess with it. It will be easier to find in the dark if he rolls it down the mountain.

From: KSflatlander
Great tip on the paint and reflective tape. I have a few backpacking trips planned this year. I thought I’d try the canister instead of hanging bag. Hanging and retrieving food is a pain with a hanging bag IMO. Especially if you’re not camping in the same location each night.

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