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looking for recommendations on broadheads for traditional archery.

From: yeager
You will get quite a few different responses. Personally, I started out using the old Bear razorheads back in 1970 and still use them today. Always had good luck with them, so don’t have a reason to change.

Boy, this will be a long one. I'm like yeager above. Started on the Bear Razorhead in the 50's and have never changed.

From: Mnhunter1980
VPA makes some tough heads. I am going to try zwickeys this year.

From: Jaquomo
Yeah...long one, especially if the Leatherwall bunch discovers this thread. I've killed a whole lot of animals of multiple species with 14 different heads over the past 49 years. Bears, Zwickeys, VPAs, Muzzys of several different styles, a potpourri of others. They all work, and there are tradeoffs with each. This is a religious topic and there is no "right" answer.

I use Iron Wills now because they seem to be the best designed, best balanced, strongest, best penetrating head of their style.

When I started shooting a recurve in 1989 I shot zwickeys . Over the next few years I killed 9 deer with the same broadhead . Lost broadhead on deer #9 .They sharpen up great and have proven themselves .

From: Scooby-doo
VPA, easy to sharpen as long as you get the 3 to 1 design. I shoot the 175 grainers from all my recurves and compund as well. Shawn

From: fisherick
I am using Bear Razorheads, Zwickey Delta, Magnus Stingers, Grizzly 175 and 3 blade Wensal Woodsmans broadheads. Most well constructed cut on contact broadheads will work fine.

From: dnovo
Yeah there’s a bunch of good ones out there. I use mostly Magnus I (No longer made) as I have a bunch of them , Zwickey Deltas and No Mercy, Cutthroat. VPA makes good ones

From: Tonybear61
I shot a buck 3 times with Zwickey heads in the early 1990s. He was with a doe and didn't even react until the third one hit him(top of the heart). The other two were just a few inches away in the lungs, Zipped through that animal so fast I was certain I missed. Was shooting over 70# at the time and all shots were under 15 yds.

I bent a Bear head tip (new screw in design) on a big doe so haven't shot those since the same time period.

Neither deer went more than 35 yards after the shot.

From: Timex
You really need to be more specific I'm assuming your getting into trad archery so I'm gonna recommend a cut on contact (glue on head) the reason for glue on is the weight can vary from glueing directly to wood shafts. All the way to 300+ grains with various adapters & inserts. This makes glue on heads more versatile especially through the learning tuning process associated with traditional bows

From: longbow42
I've shot 8/10 of my bears with a longbow. On each one I used the Wensel Woodsman which is very similar to the VPA 3blade, which is an awesome head. All my bears had good holes from that head and none went very far and in about half I watched/heard them die.

From: montnatom
bear razorheads for 35 years, magnus stingers for the last 15

From: Trad PA
Simmons, currently using tiger sharks but have had great luck with land sharks too

From: ahunter76
Bears, Elk, Hogs, Deer, Buffalo & more. 3 blade. 38 animals with recurve including Bear with 53#s

From: Supernaut
Lots of great, time tested, proven broadheads for trad archery. I'm personally partial to Tuffheads. They are awesome heads and my great friend and neighbor owns the company and makes them right across the road from my house. You wont meet a nicer guy who is more passionate about his product or trad archery hunting than Jason Wojo.

From: backwoods54
A broadhead that give you good arrow flight, such as a 125 grain may fly better than a 160 grain. A broadhead that will hold a good sharp edge. I prefer a cut on contact and as heavy of a broadhead that gives good arrow flight. I believe today's market nearly all heads meet that requirement. Back in the day, many broadheads were no more than stamped mild steel or fall apart modular heads, those days are gone. thanks much. I recently purchased 3 blade vpa, Magnus stingers and a two blade hunter head {Jager} from a company in germany.. these stainless heads are hard and hold an edge

From: Shug
The same head you use on deer and have confidence in will work fine on a bear

From: Fuzzy
Zwickey Eskimo or Delta 4 blade

How about a sharp one that someone could pull out of your quiver at any time and shave hair off their arm?! That is truly rare in the traditional archery world!

You’ll get lots of answers, I’ve shot about 70 big game animals with a trad bow and selfbow. VPA three blade gets my vote. Extremely rugged, easy to sharpen, and most importantly best blood trail and penetration of any hurt I’ve tried. I’ve used every head imaginable, Muzzy phantom, stinger 2 and 4 bld, Grizzly single bevel, helix, Zwickey delta and Eskimo 2 and 4 blade, snuffers, wensel woodsman, steel force, tusker, schmieser, Ace, stos, G5, thunderhead, Simmons

I’ll use narrow two blades but I have had very poor blood trails. Any of the big heads (over 1 1/4”) I have trouble with shooting through brush and occasional flight problems.

Four blades are nice but tough to sharpen

Three blade gets the vote for Happy medium and I’ve had better similar or penetration with them compared most others

...and none of my broadheads could shave hair FYI ...well except those schmieser those we a dream to get sharp

From: BowJangles
Arnette put me onto the VPA 3 blades. While I don't have nearly the body count he has, what few animals I have shot with them were dispatched quickly, the head performed as advertised and they sharpened back up easily. I'll have a quiver full of VPA's in Nunavut in 2 weeks and at bear camp in June.

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