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Which Boot guy's ?
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Birdman 08-Mar-20
ground hunter 08-Mar-20
SBH 08-Mar-20
Jaquomo 08-Mar-20
JTreeman 08-Mar-20
cnelk 08-Mar-20
Ermine 08-Mar-20
Drop Tine 08-Mar-20
Ambush 08-Mar-20
From: Birdman
So i'm going to get a new hunting boot , have my choice down to 2 , Zamberlan 981 wasatch gtx rr or Crispi guide gtx , both are non insulated. Will use them for elk hunting and whitetail season. Any opinions ?

If your talking bowhunting I would never buy an insulated boot for elk hunting, but I live in cold country ...I am sure someone from Missouri would have another opinion Where do you live,? You have to decide...crispi is an excellent boot, I have lowas, so I made my own decisions

From: SBH
I don't think a boot for elk and whitetail will work. Whitetail season is an insulated boot. Archery elk in Sept...not so much. Unless you are strictly hunting whitetail spot and stalk and constantly on the move? Anything sitting in late Oct/Nov is a heavily insulated boot in my world.

From: Jaquomo
All three great boots. Whichever one fits you best is what I would suggest. Crispis feel like custom boots on my feet. Camofire just had Crispis for 30% off on Friday. You might check with them to see what they have left.

From: JTreeman
He clearly stated “both are non insulated” so I don’t know what that whole thing was about.

I’m currently a fan of Crispi and Lowa. It really do want matter brand you pick (of the top names), it’s what fits your feet and use best.


From: cnelk
I have the Crispi Guide GTX - really like them

From: Ermine
Lowas fit me really well. But boots are very personal! I’d try the different ones you want out. One boot that might work for me doesn’t work for someone else.

From: Drop Tine

Drop Tine's embedded Photo
Drop Tine's embedded Photo
I went with the Crispi West River boot Made exclusively for Scheels. Last I seen they were still on sale. They are 400 gram insulation but I’ll be in CO. For the second rifle season so there will be a good chance of snow.

From: Ambush
I have a pair of Crispi Guide GTX, but they insulated. Lots of mountain miles with a pack on and just general hunting in B.C. Quite possibly most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. And so far no separations any where. Seems like a lot of very expensive boots are having trouble keeping rubber glued to the leather.

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