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jeffb 11-Mar-20
wifishkiller 11-Mar-20
Buglmin 11-Mar-20
swampokie 11-Mar-20
Thunderflight 12-Mar-20
From: jeffb
Anyone hunt near Pagosa Springs. I plan on coming out in September. How high should I plan on looking. Elevations range 8000-11000 ft. First time in this area. Looking for a nice buck, not a booner. Thanks

From: wifishkiller
Show up before season and get on one for opening day. With the later start date, high country deer will be way harder.

From: Buglmin
I live in Pagosa and hunt up high. Not sure where you're planning to hunt, but you're gonna need to cover the ground to find good bucks. Hunt as high as you like, but don't get yourself into areas where you gotta cover miles just to find basins that contain bucks and is suitable to stalk.

From: swampokie
I see just as many deer in oak brush as I do in the south san juan . The biggest buck ive seen in these units was in oak brush. 8000 ft in sept. There will be a lot of recreation participants that will keep u company so loneliness wont be an issue. I hope that there will be slightly fewer this year since archery went to draw (instead of rifle seasons). These larger bucks tend to disappear by the 10th of sept tho so with the late start this year may be garbage.

I have hunted that area 2 times. The 1st was during archery season. The second was last years 3rd rifle.

During archery season we saw a ton of deer with a few 140 to 160 class bucks.

Rifle was way different. We saw several really nice bucks mostly near the highway. I missed a really big one.

That time of year I would try to get high. In 2016 it was still pretty warm around 8k.

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