Flying to New Zealand
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I'm flying to NZ in 14 days I think I have a handle on flying archery equipment there, But I was told by a guy that you can not have broadheads in your skb case along with the arrows and bow. I can't find anything on that. Anyone have any information to help out. Or any tips. Thanks >>>---->

From: Medicinemann
I had my broadheads in my bowcase with my bow and arrows, but that was seven years ago. Hopefully, ForestBows will chime in.....he was just there last week.

The guy at the customs desk Ask me if my bow was semi automatic or fully automatic I told him it was a bow he said yes I know is it fully automatic or semi automatic....... My broadheads were on my arrows in an arrow tube. I think in your case I would put broadheads in their own container and either put it in my check bag or in my boat case. You would hate for them to view your semi automatic bow as loaded when they looked at it lol

From: Dale06
To answer the original question, I’ve flown with bows many times. Never to NZ. I always had my BHs in their own case, inside my SKB bow case. Never was an issue.

Forest what do you think the guy at the desk was looking for. What was the meaning of his question?

From: c5ken
I flew to NZ a few yrs ago. My bow was in a SKB locked case & my arrows with B-Heads attached were in a case in my checked luggage... No problems encountered.

You should be aware that the Prime Minister of NZ has just announced that ALL VISITORS to NZ must self quarantine themselves for 14 days upon arrival. Sure would put a crimp in your hunt.


From: Treeline

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From: Firehuntfish
My wife and I hunted NZ last February... I had my bow packed in the bottom of a hard-sided duffel with my clothes and gear on top. My arrows and broadheads in a separate case, but in the same duffel... I also had waders and boots.... The NZ Customs folks were extremely nice... They did take our waders and boots into an separate room to be inspected and sprayed with a decontamination spray. They looked at our bows for about 2 seconds, and told us we could zip up and be on our way.... Have a great time. You will love NZ!

From: Tilzbow
This was just announced:

Countries around the world continue to enact strict measures such as border closures and flight cancellations to combat the spread of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. That includes New Zealand, whose Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Saturday the government will implement a policy under which all travelers, even New Zealanders, must self-isolate upon their arrival in the country for 14 days starting Sunday at midnight. Ardern said New Zealand "will have the widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world" and "I make no apologies." All cruise ships will be banned from coming to New Zealand until June 30, as well. There are only six confirmed cases and no deaths attributed to COVID-19 in New Zealand so far. [Reuters, New Zealand Herald]

Oops, posted before I saw Bob’s post....

From: HH
Solo hunt it sounds like then.


Thanks not good

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