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Bowhunting equipment for amputee
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AKAbowhuntet 15-Mar-20
keepemsharp 15-Mar-20
bad karma 15-Mar-20
Russ Koon 15-Mar-20
Two Feathers 15-Mar-20
Tonybear61 15-Mar-20
ground hunter 15-Mar-20
DPowers 19-Mar-20
Scooby-doo 19-Mar-20
yeager 20-Mar-20
From: AKAbowhuntet
Dose Anybody know someone or are there self a amputee who bowhuntd

From: keepemsharp
You might check out the PCBH site.

From: bad karma
Check out Therapeutic Recreation Systems in Boulder, CO.

Bob Radocy there is a below the elbow amputee that shoots a Black Widow recurve, and quite well at that. He knows this as well as anyone in the country. And he builds the custom hands to hold a bow, among other things.

From: Russ Koon
Might also want to check out the Hickory Creek website for draw-lock info. Jerry Goff has been in the business for years and has many satisfied customers with various special needs in bowhunting, from internally damaged shoulders/arms to amputees.

From: Two Feathers
My neighbor wasn't an amputee but one of his arms was useless from a stroke. We would set him up on the ground with a crossbow that was hanging from a line from anything overhead. When set right he could tilt it left, right, up and down and shoot it with one hand. He killed deer with that set up.

From: Tonybear61
The NY bowhunters organization summarized a bunch of options a few years back. Greg Scott I think was the contact.

I listened to a program one Saturday am, on Public radio, about an archer, who shot with his feet.... He wanted to compete, in regular classes, but they would not allow it, however, he was a world champion in his division..... You might want to google that.

From: DPowers
Not sure of the situation, but due to neck surgery, cannot shoot normally. I use a mouth release. If that would work, checkout Jeff fabrey's videos.

From: Scooby-doo
Matt Stutzman Google him, incredible!! I saw him shoot and he can hang with the best compound shooters in the world! Shawn

From: yeager
Just this past January, my wife and I hunted Coues deer down in Sonora, Mexico. One of the other hunters in camp that week ( won’t mention his name ) had an accident where he ended up losing the lower part of one of his arms. He uses a mouth tab to shoot......shot a nice P&Y buck that week.

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