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Smooth shooting bow
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RTH 15-Mar-20
wkochevar 15-Mar-20
Tater 15-Mar-20
BowHiker 15-Mar-20
Grunt-N-Gobble 15-Mar-20
12yards 16-Mar-20
HuntingAdict 16-Mar-20
KleinVictor 19-Mar-20
Denali 19-Mar-20
Boatman71 19-Mar-20
From: RTH
I'm thinking about upgrading my bow and wanting some opinions.

In the late 90s early 2000s I tried a few bows.....ultra max, LX, bowtech tribute, MQ-1, DZ-32, Diamond Hornet, Switchback XT. Always went back to the MQ-1 because it was so smooth, then got the Switchback and loved it. Still shooting the Switchback and really like it. Everytime I try a different bow it is just not as smooth or quite as my old Switchback. I usually buy a used discontinued bow for the money savings.

I'm not worried much about speed, just something about as fast as my old switchback. I'd like to stay around a 7" BH and 32 or less ATA.

Is there anything out there that will be as smooth and quiet as my old Switchback? Everything I shoot is disappointing, any ideas?

From: wkochevar
After test shooting several bows, I just recently ordered a Bowtech RevoltX. I am downsizing so to speak to a peak draw weight of 60# as my older shoulders just don't need anything more than that anymore and I found this bow extremely easy to draw and hold maxed out (roughly 61-62lbs). 33" ATA and a 6.5" brace.... I used to shoot a Switchback and for what its worth this bow seems just as comfortable and easy to draw for me (granted its been many years since the SB). JMO, everyone is different.... Good Luck, Kip

From: Tater
Went through several brands and my shoulders liked the elite Kure the best with PSE evo next. I went with the PSE because of grip and just plain fit me better

From: BowHiker
If you want affordable try the Matthew's z3. Smooth and quiet, a bit heavy overall, but shoots great. Love mine.

I shot a 60lb Elite Kure last Thursday and it's a pretty smooth bow. Quite too.

From: 12yards
I know guys still shooting/hunting with their Switchbacks. No need to change unless you want to. That said, Elite Energy 32, Synergy, Hunter, Answer, Ritual 30 and 33 are nice smooth drawing bows. Bowtechs on comfort setting are nice. Not sure they'll be smoother than your Switchy. Love my Synergys.

From: HuntingAdict
I too shot a revolt this past weekend, set at 62lbs it was smooth as butter, dead at the shot and quiet. 30' ata, 7+ inch brace, and 335 IBO, if you're in the market for a bow I'd suggest you at least give it a shot. As others have mentioned, the Elite Hunter may be the smoothest drawing and shooting bow I've ever owned. You can typically find them used for a really reasonable price but that wouldn't really be a new bow, just new to you.

From: KleinVictor
I hope there's no problem that I'm asking this on this thread, but could you please help me with picking a compound for my 17-year-old niece? She wants to get into it with her dad and me and I want to surprise her and buy her a bow. Looked online and the seems neat for beginners like her, it's pretty light too, but I'm not sure if it's ok. If you have other suggestions and options in mind, please tell me about them, I'd be grateful. TIA, good day!

From: Denali
Remember as well, it is likely that most modern bows will allow you to drop a few pounds of draw weight and maintain speed. That drop in draw weight will help make the force draw curve a lot more manageable.

From: Boatman71
The Xpedition Xception is super smooth as well and has a good IBO.

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