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#2 No Blind
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olebuck 18-Mar-20
Wideone 18-Mar-20
elkmtngear 18-Mar-20
sitO 18-Mar-20
Bowfreak 18-Mar-20
EmbryOklahoma 18-Mar-20
writer 20-Mar-20
Buffalo1 20-Mar-20
olebuck 23-Mar-20
lewis 23-Mar-20
From: olebuck
I had the perfect hunt!

gobbler came in to my setup as soon as i called - and i did the worst thing a bowhunter can do. i rushed my shot - and forgot everything i practiced. i missed a chip shot at less than 10 yards.

So i made a new setup and got it done with no blind.

From: Wideone
Well done! Is that tom decoy set up to move like that or was it just a breeze moving it? Looked really good.

From: elkmtngear
Congrats, Jim...nice work!

From: sitO
Don't need no stinkin' blind!

From: Bowfreak
Nice job and way to rebound!

Congratulations and well done!

From: writer
That was fun. Thanks for taking the time to share it. Hope #3 comes for you, too. What broadhead are you shooting?

From: Buffalo1
(1) Wham! (2) Bam! (3) Just Waiting Congrats Jim

From: olebuck
Writer, on this set up - 55lb elite valor - im shooting the vortex 125 grain 2.75" cut. i love a big cut mechanical for turkeys - i blunt the tips so they are dull - still got a pass through on this bird.

When i was shooting my deer hunting set up - i shot the NAP FOC TURKEY - its the best turkey broad head every made - NO DOUBT.

i also shoot the magnus bull head 100grain...

From: lewis
Great job I killed 14 with no blind hell it was in the 70s and early 80s we didn’t have blinds but congrats Lewis

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