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From: Bou'bound
Let's keep track of actual hunt plans that got changed, cancelled, postponed, etc. as a result of the virus. Not speculation or concern, about what could happen to trips in the future but actual impact at the point in time you post.

Obviously recreational hunting inconvenience or loss is irrelevant compared to what is going on, but you would not be reading these words now if you were not still thinking about hunting as a diversion from real life issues.

It will be interesting to see how this thread grows over the months.

From: Pop-r
Hopefully everyone will tread through it just fine.

From: Busta'Ribs
Hog hunt in South Texas April 15-19 cancelled.

From: spike buck
We had to cancel 2 wolf hunters for this weekend!! March 22...

From: huntinelk
I was supposed to be on my biggest adventure hunt ever, right now...polar bear. At this point it seems likely to be able to reschedule for next year.

From: Medicinemann
Damn shame Gene.....but you're in for a great adventure next year. Bowjangles….where's your post?


Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
Mike Ukrainetz's embedded Photo
Don’t know the truth to this?

I cancelled a hunt on the Big Island of Hawaii next week. Was going after feral Cows for meat. My wife is actually disappointed for a cancelled hunt for the first time :).

From: Deertick
Fishing in Belize ... rescheduled to next year

From: Ursman
Hog hunting Texas cancelled

From: TreeWalker
Cancelled trip to my family's farm back in Midwest where was going to spring gobbler hunt as do every third spring or so. Yes, born there but am one of those hated non-resident tag holders "stealing your critters and tags" as I walk the woods of my youth not really caring if punch the tag. Morels are a side harvest as wander the wooded hills.

From: azelkhntr
I expect a bumper crop of seriously discounted hunt opptys to be offered up by July. If you ever wanted to do your dream hunt or fishing trip this is going to be the year.

From: Two Feathers
Pig hunting in Georgia cancelled.

” I expect a bumper crop of seriously discounted hunt opptys to be offered up by July. If you ever wanted to do your dream hunt or fishing trip this is going to be the year.”

That is if you have any money! Cash is king now, an economic recovery is uncertain for many years

From: Spiral Horn
Was in Turkey for Bezoar Ibex last week. Option to extend hunt squashed by USA considering stopping all flights from Istanbul. Now looking like I will be going back season after next. June Eastern Tur hunt in Azerbaijan now on the ropes and looking doubtful - will post again when clear if I’m going, postponed or scrapped.

From: BowJangles
Kugluktuk Musk Ox w/Ameri-Cana, March 23-27. Cancelled/postponed. No word on future hunt dates as of yet. This was cancelled last minute so with the amount of people involved I’m sure they’re scrambling to figure out the best path forward for all the hunters. I’ll post updated as I receive them.

Manitoba Black Bear w/Stickflingers, June 7-12. Still scheduled but Ryan said if we get scrubbed we’ll be hunting the same weeks next year.

South Africa Cape Buffalo w/Ken Moody, August 22-Sept 2nd. Still scheduled but Ken said we’ll push the dates to 2021 should this still be effecting travel come hunt time.

From: Sawpilot75
Cancelled Iowa Whitetail hunt for this November today. Probably buy another point and see what this economy does and hopefully the herd rebounds from the 2019 EHD kill..

From: drycreek
We cancelled our spring turkey hunt due to having to stay in a motel and eat in restaurants.

Our possible pronghorn hunt, depending on the draw, was cancelled by the rancher before we had to make that decision.

Spring bear gone. Texas gone.

I was gonna go coyote hunting tonightm My wife canceled my plans.

From: Highlife
Bear and sitka deer in the fall and 3 state whitetail hunts planned. Self employed will have to see how the summer shakes out.

From: Trophyhill
I'm on the opposite end. If they shut us down at work, I'll be in the elkwoods killing a couple turkeys and setting trailcams when I otherwise wouldn't have time.

From: Sitting Bull
Non-essential travel recommendations now hitting Australia. I have a fallow deer rut hunt the second week of April. It's in my state but 400 miles from home. Not sure it will go ahead at this stage. I haven't missed a season on this property since 2011. April 2021 seems a long way off.

From: Scooby-doo
Hog Hunt in South Carolina canceled due to the restrictions in both NY and SC. I was due to leave next weekend! Shawn

From: Rock
Delaying my Nebraska Turkey hunt week to week depending on what my landowner friend wants me to do. We both want to be sure that everyone stays safe and I have told him if there are any concerns even slightly on his or his wife mind that I will cancel it completely without a second thought.

Javelina in Texas this week.

Elephant in Zimbabwe April 25-May 8. I don’t know what is going to happen. RSA has cancelled all international flights until June 1.

I hope to get a bear hunt in NB from May 22-30. If they open the border, I am going as 8 can drive.

Be safe.

From: mountainman
First two weeks of May, New Zealand/Australia hunt cancelled. Bought the hunt at an auction,so the money is gone. Hoping they will let me reschedule, if they are able to fit me in next year.

Amazing on some of. The places some hunt.

Archery hunt to new Zealand canceled by NZ government.

From: Bake
For those that have canceled International hunts. . . .Did you have flights booked? What are the airlines doing?

I have RSA with Ken Moody in August. Flights booked. HOpefully it will be a go. I’m not worried about Ken. He’s awesome to deal with. I’m worried about Delta

From: Hopeless
I haven't worn pants in a week.

From: WI Shedhead
Delaying our Nebraska turkey/shed/coyote hunt from the opener to possibly next week. We’re driving and camping so thier will be little interaction. My boys will be doing online schooling then instead of being on spring break. Hope the get 4g service from the turkey blind!!!!!

We had hunt insurance but the airline let us cancel and rebook up to a year. Outfitter also let us rebook. No money lost. YET...

I'm doing my best to keep my Cup 1/2 Full during all of this and I made Airbnb resrv back in late February down by Zion National Park for mid-April.

I'm doing a photo/scouting trip for a bud that has max Desert Ram points in my home state so I am helping him out as he is a non-ressy, on a trip to help give him some pix/intel and lay of the land type deal, before the draw results.

I've got a Turkey tag and will do some Largemouth Bass fishing during my trip down there.

Good luck, Robb

From: Norseman
Outstanding Robb!

From: pointingdogs
Still planning on my Nebraska turkey hunt the second week of May. Will try to assess lodging. US death rate corona 1.6%.... annual flu 1.3%. Will try and be "clean and avoid others in the Pine Ridge". Heck never see people there anyway.

From: pahoyt
considering cancelling my Aug 2020 Alaskan grizzly hunt

From: sticksender
pahoyt, what is your reasoning to cancel? I'm going in June....assuming planes are still flying.

From: pahoyt
im just not sure everything is going cleared up by then i dont want til wait to last minute to cancel

From: EMB
I have 2 special opportunity April spring turkey permits-8 days in all. In Florida all state parks are closed. Camping has been closed in county parks and on the WMAs. My camping was cancelled last week. Hotels and private camp grounds are closing. So are restaurants. The only option is daily driving. That's a 2-2 1/2 hour trip-assuming we are allowed to travel. Remarkably, the WMAs are still open, but they closed the check stations. There are only 2 main special opportunities WMAs in the state. They are located in the middle of the state. Consequently, folks travel here from all over the state. It's just not doable for many. I've pretty much given up on this season. I'm still 3 weeks out and have some hope, but it's waning.

From: Busta'Ribs
I am not burning my Iowa points this year, that’s for sure. And I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it to apply in other states for fall seasons. Obviously hoping and expecting this is resolved well in advance of then, but with so much uncertainty, who could know for sure where we will be with the health of our people and the health of the economy in the fall at this point. I’m 58 and only have so many November’s left, so I’ll play it safe and have at least one sure thing set to go. But damn, this year is gonna be different to plan for, that’s for sure.

From: Rut Nut
Been considering a Spring Gobbler Hunt in N.Carolina. But the way some folks are losing their minds, I am reconsidering. Might just stay closer to home in case things get really bad. Don’t want to be 10 hours away. Might just wait and take the time in May to hunt more local.

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