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lost my antelope hunting spot
Contributors to this thread:
trakman 21-Mar-20
midwest 21-Mar-20
Chief 419 21-Mar-20
bowonly 21-Mar-20
drycreek 21-Mar-20
Two Feathers 21-Mar-20
Huntcell 21-Mar-20
Bob H in NH 22-Mar-20
whacknstack 24-Mar-20
From: trakman
I lost my spot that i have hunted for years in Wyoming any one know of a place we can go ??

From: midwest
It's a big state with antelope everywhere. Pick an area you can draw and go!

From: Chief 419
Check out the Wyoming Game and Fish website. There are landowners that are looking for hunters.

From: bowonly
I am betting an old dog-man can be taught new tricks. As long as he is not compounding his problems!!

From: drycreek
Chief 419, last time I checked the Wyo G&F no longer had a landowner list. That was a few years ago, maybe they have reinstated it ? Last time I called everyone on the list was tied up with outfitters except one maybe and one that wanted rifle hunters only.

From: Two Feathers
Private land that I bowhunt come and go. Two of my land owners have died. Situations change. On the come side I just got permission to hunt two new properties.

From: Huntcell
Lots of widowed landowners out there.

Just saying.

From: Bob H in NH
Landowner list is there. It's very short

Four J in Angular CO is Awesome

From: whacknstack
We got some awesome hunting in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. All private land and all tags are available over the counter. I’ll message you with details.

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