Q&A with Sidney Smith
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From: eBike John

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I just hit publish on a new post. I interviewed Sidney Smith, Sidney is a bowhunter from Utah. What's interesting is he's also an triathlon athlete and double leg amputee. He's a very inspirational guy so once I hit publish I wanted to share with you guys.

The interview was supposed to be next week but due to coronavirus I have to skip that trip, but we got an interview done either way. Hope you enjoy it!

From: Yellowjacket
Wow, just wow!

Watch the video!

From: BillyD
John - very well done. Thanks for posting.

From: Jaquomo
I...can't...imagine. Wow.

From: deserthunter
Very inspiring young man.

From: Paul@thefort
That surely shows we all take a lot of things for granted in life. Makes one appreciate what we all have and that life is surely worth living to its fullest, regardless of the situation. My best, Paul

From: Rut Nut
WOW! Thanks for sharing that John. What an inspiration! Shows you what you can do with a positive attitude and the right mindset!


From: midwest
I've got frickin goosebumps. What an inspiring story and an amazing, inspiring man. Thanks so much for sharing that, John.

From: hdaman
That was incredibly inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

From: bowbender77
That's true grit there. When the going gets tough the tough get going. He should serve as an inspiration to us all. More power to him !

From: IKE220
makes the everyday aches and pains and annoyances very small in comparison. What inspiration, thanks for the share

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