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Wanted to thank not only our first responders, and medical personnel, but to all of you keeping things running. Delivery drivers, and all drivers from Fed Ex to Amazon.. All the plumbers and other tradesmen, who respond to calls, during shelter in place orders. There are many jobs that are essential who can not take off or stay at home. So for those on the site who are out there working, Thanks

Definitely a big thanks. For some of us, like teachers, I will continue to receive pay and have less expenses as we are transitioning to 100% on-line. Robin and I discussed the need for us to give back.

As a dental hygienist, her office is closed except for emergencies. Most likely for at least another 30 days as Johnson County KS has a stay at home order in effect as well.

Thanks ground hunter for starting a needed thread!

From: x-man
Both of my sons are in college for law enforcement. One of which is supposed to graduate this spring. Not sure yet if that will happen. In the meantime, he is also a EMS first responder. His calls have actually gone way down over the last week. A huge shout out to the dispatchers who have been the busiest lately. Doing "phone triage" to help direct people to the correct attention they need without sending the first responders to every single call.

My wife is a high school teacher. They are ready for e-learning. She and a couple other teachers at her school have been "flipping their class" for a few years now. Taping her lesson plan to YouTube for the kids to watch, then a live Q&A session. That live session used to be in the classroom, now it is via zoom meeting.

From: Shiras42
Yes, thank you to all of you out there still doing what you do. As a bowhunter (solitary by nature) and someone that has worked from home for years I feel like I have been in training for this for a long time.

It is a strange thing. Little things like what church we attend and what our skin color fall away in times like this. Like most here I am saying a little prayer for those who are most exposed wh ile I work from home . Have you noticed ? Our neighbors are a bit more social and a bit more tolerant . Stay safe, Bob

From: Grey Ghost
I saluted our trash truck driver this morning.


From: bill v
Yes. Thanks to all!

From: Deertick
Makes you realize who really does the work around here ... and who doesn't. Thanks to everyone who is keeping what we have left from falling apart!

From: JL
Yup....alot of thanks to the folks who keep plugging away and moving forward with work and life. We'll get thru this.....

From: KSflatlander
My future son in law is a firefighter/EMS. Many thanks to all the health care workers out there helping others.

This working at home is going to take some getting use too.

From: HH
The CPD here wed and Thursday had to go and physically shut down diners, bars and non essential places of biz that were gathering more than 10 folks.

They did let the Thirsty Goat stay open and they moved Ops outside and changed occupancy to table of three seat spaced and would not let you inside. Pruty cool watering hole and coffe shop out in the country. They are making a gud dime right now. With their patio and deck outside service with port johns and outside hand wash stations. Just hope it dont turn off cold again!

Not sure how gin joint is essential service but in Tenn I reckon they are?


From: Mpdh
Saw on the local news website, the Stormy Kromer factory in Michigan’s UP, has now converted their production to facemasks.

From: Glunt@work
Work is pretty normal for me in the Ag business. My wife is on the same schedule as the kids so that works out.

I hope we get past the worst soon and with as little tragedy as we can. Not everyone, but I think most people find their best selves when facing adversity and challenge. I hope some of what folks find sticks with them when "normal" life is back.

From: badbull
Yes,thanks to all directly involved in this and those cited by ground hunter. I have wondered in the past how many Bowsiters ( and their family members) are medical personnel. I have seen some very detailed medical information on here in the past which makes me think we have some very knowledgeable medical people here. Not me, but I have a couple of family members in that field. l would like to see those medical people on here recognized for what they are doing as they should be congratulated for being the heroes that they are for putting themselves in harms way......Bob

From: drycreek
I’m still just as retired and reclusive as I’ve been for the last 3/4 years. I appreciate the folks who are actually keeping the essential businesses going. Somebody has to do it, and they are running a risk each time they go to work. Although we have no cases in my county there are 25 or so in the nearest semi-large city. I can’t imagine living in any city, but certainly not one like NY or LA.

From: Busta'Ribs
A heartfelt thanks to all of those on the front lines! Our health care workers in this war are no different than guys in foxholes taking fire or guys in humvee’s wondering if they were going to run over an IED, in past wars. They are Heros in every sense of the word. I feel guilty, here in New Jersey, taking refuge in the relative safety of my home, while the health care workers get up every day and head straight into the belly of the beast. What courage! Thank you for your service!

Say a Prayer tonite, for all those who have died, and those who have died in the service of their country, yes for their country, as they fight this Covid-19.

Marine Corp veteran, Vietnam veteran, top neuro surgeon in our country died today,, for trying to help others, in this fight.....

Its no joke,,,, stay well everyone, and please send some prayers, lots of people are suffering,,,,,

From: bentshaft

I agree. A positive side effect of the virus is we identify and celebrate the real hero’s in society.

Not athletes wearing costumes. Calling themselves panthers and egrets.

Not the phony world of actors pretending they are smarter and more enlightened than us mere peasants.

Thanks to the real hero’s out there.

From: leftee
Lotsa true heros out there now.Many volunteers without pay.God bless them.

From: K Cummings
I'm a financial planner and even though we are considered "essential," our office is closed to face to face client meetings and all service work, trades, etc, is being handled remotely. No biggie for me as long as I can keep my clients serviced.

Having said that, let's not forget about some of the folks that truly are "essential," but for some reason don't get the respect and thanks they deserve. For example, my daughter is in the banking business. I can't tell you how many people I have heard complain about people "needing" to do their banking business. I can tell you straight up, if the American public thought for even one second that they didn't have immediate access to their assets, or if there was a glitch in financial transactions (including pay for the high profile heroes), there would be rioting in the streets. The corona-virus would literally be peanuts in comparison. Fortunately, my daughter works in back office operations, and she is currently working remotely, but lets not forget about the folks that keep the money supply humming. EVERYTHING would collapse without it.

My wife is customer service manager at a manufacturing plant that produces protective face masks for military and first responders all over the world. Their facility is working three shifts and still can't keep up with the demand. She could retire any time she wanted, but loves what she does and sees the need every day.

There are hundreds of different vocations that whether we realize it or not, without them we would be in a world of hurt.

So yes, while we need to be thankful for our front line heroes, lets not forget about the ones behind the scenes.



From: butcherboy
We are still operating. Not as important as some businesses out there but still important. Lots of people still need their domestic animals slaughtered and processed to fill their freezers. Especially with hardly any meat in the grocery stores. Not everyone is a hunter but still need access to meat. Grateful for everyone out on the frontlines and for us small businesses that keep plugging along.

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