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From: 12yards
I'm sure it's been posted before, but I'm lazy to do a search. How do you care for your mounts/clean them/polish them? Mine need a good going over.

From: JohnMC
Clean them LOL.

In all seriousness all I have ever done it dusted them off. That does not happen very often.

From: AZ~Rich
Getting the dust out of the hair is generally a good thing to do periodically. Sometimes just a dusting with a feather duster is all it takes but eventually there will be enough to warrant a deeper cleaning either with a vacuum (brush head) or air blasts. Horns can be polished or buffed with a soft cloth. Dull antlers can be livened up with some Old English (dark or med dark) on a cloth. Use wind-ex on a q-tip to clean up glass eyes. Use a fine short bristle brass or steel brush to groom hair back to its natural pattern and layering after any deep cleaning. In areas prone to carpet beetle larva you can fumigate your mounts inside sealed plastic bags with some moth balls for few days.

From: Bou'bound
Dust buster and Vaseline on the Nose

From: RK
When I had lots of mounts I would have my taxidermist and a Furrier come by every other year and have the mounts glazed and touched up. The mounts would look new!! Worth every dime, especially when I sold them

From: Smtn10PT
I use show sheen on mine, works great

From: Tdvorak
The air compressor does a great job of dusting. I was afraid the pressure might cause harm but I have not seen a detrimental effect....yet. A bit of shoe polish on the slick parts freshens up dried appearances.

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