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Fantastic Antelope Hunting
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RK 24-Mar-20
RK 25-Mar-20
Boreal 25-Mar-20
wkochevar 25-Mar-20
From: RK
What did the antelope score from last year? Rifle and /or Archery

From: RK
I guess I was not clear. My fault.

I wanted the scores of all the antelope that you guided for last Year. Rifle or Bow. Does not matter

By reading your response it may be that you do not score the antelope that your clients kill

I want to take my adult son on a hunt but looking for antelope that score in the 80s.

From: Boreal
"25 yards (twelve) for whitetails 30 yards (25) for mule deer 35 yards (30) yards for antelope"

What does this mean?

From: wkochevar
Boreal, reread his second to last paragraph....

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