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From: Tater
A while back someone said about people wanting your full name, mailing address and phone number when wanting to buy what ever your selling. Also adding $50 bucks to hold it! This just happened to me! Scumbag emailed me so I just deleted it.

From: Bloodtrail
Why wouldn’t you have fun with them? :)

From: Bou'bound
I increased the price $10,000 and my guy still wanted it so your $50 is a lightweight

From: keepemsharp
Tell them youre ph no is BR549

From: jdee
I had that happen on Craigslist and gave them the local police address and phone number as mine and never heard back from them.

From: buckhammer
Whenever a situation like this arises or I am out shopping and the cashier ask for a phone number I always give them the number of the local state police post. it is an easy number to remember so it works well

From: Islander
Beware of a scammer CLYNN the shit got me on the leatherwall on 11/19 for 400.00 postal money just so you know they are worth less than a personl check ! Got an e mail from my local police who are working with feds said they have identified him? last I have heard. He had at least four adds on leatherwall took my name and handle for one brazen. I am really hoping they pick him up I told the law I was willing to do whatever is required to put him in a cage. Any body who believes the post office is going to help you once your money order disapperars let me tell you a short story. Islander

From: kscowboy
I always thought Postal Money Orders were a safe way to go. Sounds like you might as well have sent PayPal Gift. Sorry to hear this.

From: Hank_S
Yup, I was hit up today by “danaloh234@gmail.com“ adding $50 to a BeeStinger MicroHex.

Asked for more to mail it to him...haven’t heard back!

From: Tater
Same guy Hank

From: c5ken
I have arrows listed on BS & some dirt-bag (Dan Aloh danaloh234@gmail.com) offered to send me a certified check plus $50. He wanted my address, phone number, etc. I responded with PayPal or nothing. He has not responded....

From: 12yards
If someone is willing to give you more for your used stuff than they could buy it new, it's probably a scam. The old, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". I learned this a long time ago when trying to sell my motorcycle. Beware of any buyer trying to sweeten the deal or sending some shipper, or etc.

From: Brijake
So they offer you more money than you are asking and they want you to send it first, then you never get the money, that’s the scam?

From: Mule Power
Nothing new..

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