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flybyjohn 25-Mar-20
1boonr 27-Mar-20
Dyjack 27-Mar-20
SBH 27-Mar-20
From: flybyjohn
Hi all. I have been shed hunting for a few years now to try and get and keep in shape for the bow season. I don't have too much experience in finding sheds as I pretty much think that in my case it is just luck that I almost step on them before I see them.

Question I have is about the blood in the beds and after they get up and what that means as far as which direction to look for sheds. I came across a bunch of beds that all had blood in them in the snow. Then it looked like in a few spots after the bull got up, it shook its head and there was blood sprayed in about a 6 foot radius in the snow.

Would this mean that the antlers are still on the bull or they just fell off the bull. In other words, which way do you spend your time searching, where they are going or where they came from?

I have only got 38 miles covered this year so far but going to be a lot more in the next couple weeks. No horns yet.

From: 1boonr
If there is blood they already dropped

From: Dyjack
Are you sure it's not just urine? The restricted diet can cause this. Tannins that are in the bark and other plants they are forced to eat in the winter can make it look like blood.

From: SBH
I’ve seen that before too. I was told they bleed for a bit before they drop. So it may not necessarily mean they have shed already but are getting really close. I’d give it a few days and slip back in follow there tracks. Hopefully you didn’t bump them out! Good luck man! Post pics when you find em.

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