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Elk Cussing 101 - Uncle Larry
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midwest 26-Mar-20
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From: Big Fin

Big Fin's embedded Photo
Big Fin's embedded Photo

Big Fin's Link
Ever been on an elk hunt with one of those guys who is a comedian without even trying to be such? That is my Uncle Larry, an uninhibited 73 year-old who has perfected the art of cussing and people still know what he was talking about.

Given the confines of our current times, I instructed my video crew to put together some videos to make people laugh. This one seems to do the trick.

Uncle Larry, Central Wyoming, November 2019. Video at the link.

From: LINK
Ha Ha

From: Medicinemann
This video looks familiar. Is there a different ("cleaned up") version of him shooting the wrong bull?

From: Chief 419
Thanks Randy. Everyone can use a break from the doom and gloom right now.

From: Willieboat
Thank you !!

From: Bowfreak
There is Jake. Uncle Larry is a character. Thanks for sharing Randy.

From: JL
That was funny. He reminds a bit of Uncle Si....just saltier.

From: Ron Niziolek
Thanks for that Randy!

From: midwest
That was a great episode. I hope Uncle Larry is doing well!

From: GBTG
Thanks Randy!

From: Stn Hntr PLS
Too d#*m funny!

From: Bake
Looks like Larry and I would get along great!

From: elkmtngear
Yeah...I was with some guys filming for TNT Outdoor Explosion a few years back...and that was basically me :/

I did more apologizing than him, though !

From: keepemsharp
I don't care who ya are, that there's funny.

From: Scoot
Definitely got a laugh out of me Randy! Any chance we can see a picture of the bull Uncle Larry shot? Did he actually hit the wrong one or were you messing with him? Either way the video is dang funny.

From: midwest
No he hit the wrong one. Here's Episode 1

From: midwest
Episode 2

From: PREZ
That's great. I speak his language also.

From: Ucsdryder
Lol! So did he really shoot the wrong one or did you just mess with him?

Those last 30 seconds are hilarious!

From: Highlife
Oh brother thanks I needed that!

From: Bigbuck38
That's great Big Fin! Really enjoy watching uncle Larry. There have been moments when I have felt the same way.

Bwahahahaha!!! That's *censored* great Randy! I almost *censored* spit my *censored censored* coffee all over my *censored* keyboard! *censored* hilarious! Thanks for sharing this funny *censored*!

From: Bwana
That is WAY funny stuff to be certain but I'm afraid I can tell you just about everything he said as I might be guilty of the same from time to time though I try to behave.

All hail Uncle Larry!

From: Z Barebow
That is REAL hunting right there!

From: SlipShot
Watch this the other day. With being stuck by myself for the last week I have been binge watching Randy on YouTube. Thanks Fin!

From: Rut Nut
LMBO! Is Uncle Larry's nickname **Bleeper**?! ;-)

From: Big Fin
His nickname is "Red." Prior to 12 years of experimental chemo that caused him to lose his hair and what came back was completely white, he sported a beard and crop of bright red hair; thus his nickname "Red."

My mom is next in line after him, in a family of eight; six boys and two girls. They all are some of the finest story tellers I know, and three of them who served in Vietnam-era came home with a lot of things, mostly some linguistic skills that were hard to temper when Grandma Clara was serving Christmas dinner.

I was blessed that when my parents divorced at my age of 10, my Mom had such a big and caring family to take me under their wings when times got tough. And by hunting, fishing, and trapping with them for all these years, I have mastered the arts of storytelling and probably have a B+/A- cussing grade when I am off camera.

Glad most find it funny. We wondered if it would be taken in the proper context and enjoyed for what it is; Elk Hunting's version of Burgess Meredith in the movie Grumpy Old Men.

Hope you are all healthy and hopefully smiling at the thought of the memories provided by the "Uncle Larry" in your hunting camps.

Thanks for the laughs Randy! I dont watch much hunting on tv anymore, dont care for the Hollywood forces stuff, but when I found your shows, I watch them all. Absolutely my favorite hunter to watch. You represent well! Just wanted to give a good guy a shout out! Thanks

I remember "Red" from the Big Falls days! And most of Randy's rellies. But I'm not saying a word! Other than they all worked hard in the woods.

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