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Primos Surroundview Question
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Scoot 27-Mar-20
stagetek 27-Mar-20
From: Scoot
I've got a Primos Surroundview 270 blind that I really like. I would have preferred the 180 because I don't like having that much of the see through material (critters can see movement when they look through the see through material and you have additional see through material behind you), but I didn't like the smaller size of the 180 (I hunt with kids a lot).

So here's my question: what's the best way to black out a portion of the see through material? I put up some black landscape material to accomplish it, but I'm not happy with that. I could sew some of that in place, but that seems like more work than I should have to do. I'd use black spray paint, but I'm afraid it will get brittle and wreck the material. Suggestions?

From: stagetek
I would use black duvatine. It's light weight, inexpensive, has a dull nap on one side. You could pin it on, or glue on some velcro and stick it on. Fabric stores should have it. Theatrical supply stores carry it as well.

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