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Unreal! Worst i have ever seen
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From: ryanrc

ryanrc's Link
Click on the link to see the worst bear maul pics pretty much ever.


From: ALovely

ALovely's Link
This should have "Not Safe For Life" warning label on it. The images are not to be taken lightly and children should not see it.

Now that said, it is a testament to human resilience and modern medicine that the victim was able to survive.

In words the victim had his face clawed or bitten off by a bear. The victims son then kills the bear, and the victim is both photographed and shown on video with his injuries talking through the mash of his face, explaining what happened.

Other photo's show the victim having recovered with massive plastic surgery.

From: JL
A salute to that man for surviving such a horrific event.

From: drycreek
I’ve seen that before. Unbelievable ! Extreme cold probably helped save his life.

From: linehunter
Sorry but i would have no time to take pictures or video. I would be getting my Dad to the freaking hospital, unbelievable.

From: Medicinemann
Has anyone seen the photo of him after the plastic surgeries? He looked better than I would have imagined....essentially, the face was tore off to the side, and they flopped it back in place. His name is Glenn Bohn if you want to look it up, and see a reconstructive photo or two.

From: BowJangles
OMG! That's beyond gnarly. The last thing on my mind in that spot would be "let's take a video." You've gotta give his surgeons some respect. They cleaned it up pretty damn well considering.

From: Ursman
Does anyone know what the details are? Was the bear wounded, was it surprised, how long before he got to medical help?

From: Bou'bound
Ho. Lee. Crap

From: Fields
OMG.. how did he survive.....

From: lawdy
As a volunteer first responder/fireman I have seen sights like this and worse, self inflicted. Tough when you know them and never had a clue it was coming. Logging accidents are the worst.

From: JL
"Logging accidents are the worst."

Flashback time. I had duty one day at the CG air station in North Bend, OR and responded to a logger medivac. I hoisted up a logger who had a big log roll over his upper body and head. I remember looking at him as the litter was getting close to the bottom of the helo. His head was slightly disfigured and an eye was distended from the socket. He had blood and clear fluid coming out of his ears. He was alive when we landed at the hospital. I don't know if he ever made it. That was about 31 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I seen a few other ones come in when I was there. Ya....logging is a very dangerous job.

From: lawdy
We had a guy last winterputting chains on a truck pulling a low bed with a slasher onboard when the driver, thinking he was done, pulled away. Decapitated him. I worked a huge logging operation in the seventies one summer. We lost several young guys that summer that they had hired just over the border as bonds. They were all kids fresh out of high school. No chain brakes back then, chaps, and all cable skidders along with no training in tree felling. One kid was limbing at head level and his saw kicked back and decapitated him. Others rolled skidders, had widow makers nail them, and trees hinge. I was a yard cutter, and learned quickly to get out of their way when they brought in a twitch half limbed.

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