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Quebec Spring Bear Season open or not?
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6-GOLD 05-Apr-20
Razorsedge 05-Apr-20
Bou'bound 05-Apr-20
Ken Taylor 05-Apr-20
Ken Taylor 06-Apr-20
Rut Nut 06-Apr-20
Shug 06-Apr-20
Kannuck 08-Apr-20
Ken Taylor 08-Apr-20
From: 6-GOLD
Is the season canceled for spring black bear hunting Quebec.

From: Razorsedge

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6-gold I don't know if the season is open or not, but the Province has issued a travel lock down. If you are travelling from USA, all people must quarantine for 14 days, travel within Quebec for all including residents is being controlled. I live in Ontario, along the boarder to Quebec, and a road check has been set up on the bridge, allowing only essential travel. Here is the link, lots to read.

From: Bou'bound
Maybe you could do a combo trip. Skydiving / bear hunting. May be the only way to access camp.

From: Ken Taylor
I live in James Bay Cree territory, northern Quebec and we were one of the first areas that was "locked in" by the government (to try to prevent the virus from getting here).

Where I bear hunt a little south of here is still accessible to me but so much of Quebec is cut off that I can't even get the bear bait I ordered.

No mention has been made yet of restricting any hunting or fishing seasons in Quebec, but it's logical to assume that how long the travel restrictions are in effect will determine who will be able to hunt or to fish this spring. It can also depend on the Government or the roadblock police determining whether hunting or fishing is essential or not (it doesn't look good for us).

Confidence is beginning to wane - a southern Quebec friend has already cancelled his bear hunt/visit with me. All we can do, like the rest of the world... is to wait and see. Crazy times.

From: Ken Taylor
The Quebec government announced that they will not be changing the hunting and fishing seasons. They also said that the present strict travel, etc. laws will be extended to May 4.

There's still hope for non-residents to bear hunt here, but I guess that besides everything else, it also depends on the outfitter.

From: Rut Nut
I wouldn't be surprised if these restrictions keep getting extended well into the Summer.

From: Shug
I’ve been collecting bait with thoughts of going up ( if allowed) I figured I’d go up and bait between the first to third week of May then go back to hunt 2 weeks later.

From: Kannuck
FYI the province of Quebec has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 in Canada with nearly double the cases of Ontario (the second highest). I'd be seriously considering those stats when deciding on visiting these regions. Just saying.

From: Ken Taylor
Kannuck is absolutely correct.

Quebec did the most testing however, therefore confirming more cases - the vast majority being in the Montreal area.

But, even though the number of deaths as of today is virtually equal - 174 for Ontario and 175 for Quebec, Ontario has a higher population therefore statistically, overall, is still better off than Quebec.

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