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Turkey brat recipe?
Contributors to this thread:
JDM 05-Apr-20
Highlife 05-Apr-20
midwest 05-Apr-20
Beav 06-Apr-20
Ermine 06-Apr-20
WV Mountaineer 06-Apr-20
From: JDM
Hoping to get a turkey or two this year and was looking to see if anyone has a turkey brat recipe. Last year I got a turkey burger recipe from here that was great! Hoping to do the same for brats this year.

From: Highlife
Turkey brat recipe? You heretic ;)

From: midwest
I would just use any venison brat recipe and substitute turkey for the venison.

From: Beav
I was talking about this the other day. I ground turkey thigh meat in with breast meat along with bacon the other day and it turned out great. One pound of bacon for 7 lbs of turkey.

From: Ermine
I always wanted to take turkey and grind it up with crab berry and different thanksgiving styles Spices. Would make some good brats

Making brats is a lot of work for the return unless you are pumping out lots of pounds of brats. So making brats is probably not going to have a high demand. Hence not may recipes.

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