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Arrow coatings and lubes
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I have always either lubed my arrows with car wax or nothing at all for target shooting . I recently shot into my Rinehart antelope and couldn't get the arrow to budge. I finally made a puller and got it out but it is a procedure I don't want to repeat. I would love to hear about products you know work well. It may mean buying a new tub of car wax but this old dog is ready to learn a new trick.

From: bowbender77
There are two archery products which I have used that will solve your problem. One is called Scorpion Venom and the other is called Arrow Snot. Both products are sold as arrow release fluid.

From: dingo
Cooking spray

From: x-man
Yup, a bar of ivory soap works well also. Just rub the soap on the first couple inches of the point & arrow. Repeat every few shots.

From: mountainman
Scorpion Venom has worked great for me. A little goes a long way. One bottle has lasted me years.

From: JohnMC
Here a tip when using arrow lube: If you put in pocket on hip quiver make sure lid is on tight. Ask me how I know!

If in a target and is tuff to pull most of the time if you will twist the arrow a quarter turn they will pull out much easier. I have always suggested someone get a deal of KY jelly but have not been able to get anyone to buy it and carry around the archery range.

From: Nick Muche
Woody's Arrow Lube is what I've been using for years.

Hello John : I suspect Ky Jelly would not be good in wet weather:) I will consider the venom and the arrow snot. Thank you guys . Keep the suggestions coming.

Don't shoot the arrow lube into excelsior(?) bales. I can hardly get my carbons back out and that's shooting a stickbow. Then must scrape the arrow shaft with thumb nail before next shot.

From: TJS
Try drilling a hole in the Ivory Soap bar then wrap it in electrical tape leaving the hole open. Makes it easy to keep in pocket and glide the arrow back and forth through the hole when needed.

From: boothill
My main arrow pulling problem went away with the camo shafts I was shooting. There are some shaft coatings that just pull easier than others. But for the most part a bar of soap works wonders.

From: Bob H in NH
Silicone spray. I have a small pvc pipe, capped with hole in one end, sponge inside. Slide arrow in and it come out of any target.

Switched to Easton fmj arrows. They don't stick like carbon shafts used to.

I used Woody’s for several years. It works well, but it’s expensive. Also a PITA if it gets on your hands. I ordered some Gear Shield arrow slick lube from amazon, and love it. It’s a thicker viscosity, which I also like. You can get two for less than the price of one bottle of Woody’s.

From: Ziek
If you're like most of us, you shoot way more arrows into targets than animals. Full Metal Jackets are about as good an arrow as there is, and they come out of targets MUCH easier than all carbon without having to mess with lubes that really don't work all that well, or very long, anyway.

From: Chuckster
I just use hotel bar soap. I get a little notch started on the side. Spin the arrow and move it up an down a few inches and put it back in my pocket. Takes seconds.

From: APauls
I expected a different answer from "Dirty Mike"

From: PREZ
Scorpion Venom or Woodys...both work great. The bottle last awhile.

From: Lefty
Victory's ice coating on their arrows makes them very easy to pull.

From: Ken
I use Armor all. Makes Gold Tips quieter when drawing.

From: StickFlicker
On a related note, do any of you live your arrows when hunting? It seems like it would potentially aid in penetration? I've never seen any tests or studies on that topic.

From: Boatman71
I shoot thousands of 3D targets each summer.... well maybe not this summer now.... and I do not use any sort of lube due to a dry arrow pulls lines :-) and can result in a better score. I have found that a 1/4 turn of the arrow prior to pulling will break it free and come out with ease.

Adam, Were you expecting him to suggest an old jar of mustard and a poodle? ;^)

From: Bowfreak
I used armor all for years. Woody's is a better product but for the price.... armor all.

From: GF
Blood is good.

Not really an issue with trad gear. Plenty of penetration on live targets and not too much on foam. Perfect.

From: luckychucky
Slik Tip field points help. A little more expensive but not too much in the big picture.

From: Trophyhill
I bought a Rhineheart mule deer target a few weeks ago. Yep......1st arrow stuck good and wasn't easy to pull out. No lube. My bow shoots so fast, it melted the target to my arrow. Chunks of the target were stuck to the arrow when I finally got it out. Then I went out and bought some Woody's.

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