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Vortex razor spotting scope
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ESP 16-Apr-20
Pop-r 17-Apr-20
Grubby 17-Apr-20
Spiral Horn 17-Apr-20
fubar racin 17-Apr-20
From: ESP
I ve got a plains mule deer hunt this fall. I’m wanting to get a spotting scope. Besides this hunt the vast majority of use will be watching Whitetails in august. I was thinking a vortex razor spotting scope. Is there any real difference between gen 1 and gen 2? Is there another spotter in the price range that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance ESP

From: Pop-r
I have the smallest one I'd sell if it was something you were interested in. I've set it up twice. I'm a bino fan myself.

From: Grubby
I have a razor.... I believe it’s a gen 2. It’s a great unit and crystal clear. It’s much nicer than others around the same price I think. I rarely use mine though. It’s more of a pain than it’s worth most of the time.

From: Spiral Horn
Optics were noticeably upgraded in gen 2. Know there are a lot of Vortex fans here and I like the company, but there are better spotters. Learned the hard way to buy the best optic I can afford. The Razor was on the top of my list when I set out to buy a new spotter, but after exhaustive comparison I found the Meopta Meostar S2 the best value in a high-end spotter. Swarovski ATS and Kowa are just a bit better but a lot more expensive.

From: fubar racin
Side by side I liked the sig better than the razor. Just another option to explore.

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