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Hoyt RX 4 Alpha or Ultra
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From: bighorn
Those who shot both what's your pro's and con's of the two. I don't know if I'm fond of 29-1/2" ATA I like the 34" ATA but my draw length is 26-1/2" and the Ultra starts at 27" Is it anyway possible to make it work? Thanks!

Mathews. :^)

From: Dino
For that draw I think you would need the Alpha, however, shoot both side by side to make the final call! Both sweet rides for sure, please keep us posted as to your final decision! Good luck 2 u!

From: Ermine
I have an RX3 ultra and it’s a great shooting bow. I like longer ata

From: sticksender
I wanted a more compact bow, so I bought the RX4 Alpha. It tunes easy and shoots great. ATA is one measure to consider, but also useful to know the span between the outer edges of the 2 cams at full draw. With those huge cams on the RX4, it makes up for some of the Alpha's short AtoA.

From: bb
I had the RX1 Ultra. Draw length 29" I felt I wanted a longer bow to reduce the sharp string angle. I just purchased an RX4 alpha which I wasn't planning on doing, was going to buy another Ultra but after shooting the alpha, I discovered that I had no issues with string angle on the shorter bow based on the way they designed the cams. I shoot it just as well as the longer bow.

From: Bowfreak
Don't be concerned about the ATA. Your draw length on a 28.5" ATA bow would be equivalent to a 30.5" draw person shooting the Ultra at 34" ATA. If you are sold on a carbon, the Alpha will be perfect for you!

Ultra for sure unless your 27 inch or below

From: Bou'bound

From: Dale06
People have different preferences. Mine is longer ATA and brace height. I’ll give up a little speed for shootability. You may have different preferences.

From: rooster
I currently shoot an RX4 Alpha at 27" draw length. My previous bow was 32" ATA. I shoot the shorter bow just as well as the longer bow. I think that you will like the Alpha.

From: Bou'bound
anyone have any leads on where to get a RX4 Ultra

From: KY EyeBow
ArcheryTalk classifieds is where I go

From: carcus

From: rooster
I typically check Ebay for used bows.

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