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Jason Stafford 18-Apr-20
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Hughiam 10-Jun-20
From: sticksender
They originally announced closure of Alaska spring bear hunting to all, through MAY 31st. Then on April 2nd revised that to permit RESIDENT hunting. They had another meeting scheduled this past week on April 14th, but I haven't seen any information about the results of that meeting on their website or anywhere else. Anyone know if the meeting took place, and what was decided?

It took place. Both proposals will move forward to a June 3 meeting at which time they make a final decision.


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From: kota-man
Thanks for the link Jason...

From: huntinelk
AK is relaxing some of the in state travel restrictions. Is there anything new with the spring bear season in June?

From: Russell
The upcoming June meeting is supposed to discuss about the fall nonresident hunting also, per conversation with AK F&G.


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Hopefully a few answers today.

I’m almost 100% sure it’s all a go for this year. Fishing too.

Everyone just needs to test free and clear of CV.

From: tkjwonta
Anyone hear the results of the meeting yesterday with regard to the draw bear tags that were cancelled this spring?

From: KB
Sounded like the department was in favor of moving them to 2022 hunts and not having those tags included in the draw this winter. I did not hear the results of the final vote however.

From: Hughiam
BOG made the announcement for public release on June 8. Tags that were invalidated this year will be good for spring 2022. Im grateful as I drew one! There are other comments on ADF&G website.

From: Korey Wolfe
So if you draw again in 2021, you can hunt 2021 and 2022?

From: Hughiam
the draws for 21 are already out. And kodiak is a one bear every 4 years, so you couldnt take two bears in two years.

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