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PRIME black 5
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ohiohunter 18-Apr-20
milnrick 19-Apr-20
Ucsdryder 19-Apr-20
DRR324 19-Apr-20
Brotsky 19-Apr-20
From: ohiohunter
Anyone shooting the prime black 5?? Give us/me your opinion, I’m on the verge of getting one. I’ve only drawn it, impressive and along with the ata and speed it sounds like a dream.

From: milnrick
We have the Black 1, and are really enjoying them. Only reason i chose the 1 over the others was the longer brace height.

From: Ucsdryder
I have the 3. Really like it as well. Feel free to ask me any specific questions. Mine needed to be shimmed. Make sure you’re shouting bullet holes before you leave the shop.

From: DRR324
I also have a 1 and really like shooting it. Draw cycle is very smooth and it holds steady on target well. Guys talk about them being loud- but I’m shooting 605 grain arrows and it’s very quiet.

From: Brotsky
I love my CT5, and the Black 5 is a little better than the CT5. I would buy it today if I could. Awesome bows.

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