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ENKI Bow Cases
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altitude sick 19-Apr-20
altitude sick 19-Apr-20
Would like to find a double bow case that will also allow one attached quiver. Don't see an option with SKB.

Anyone have experience with ENKI? Or is there another option for two bows and a quiver?


I have a Pole Mountain “Hardcase” I think ENKI bought the design.

It’s ridiculously overbuilt

I don’t like the combo lock

But you don’t need to find a 4’x 4’ flat spot To open it to get your bow out. Like most cases. It is a very sturdy design.

With one bow you can pack clothes around it to save space or luggage

Can you fit two bows with a quiver. Does it come with packing for between the bows? Thanks.

You probably could but it would be a pain in the butt

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