fav. all time bows
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From: papadeerhtr
What are some of your guys all time favorite bows. Mine was Elite GTO, but always wanted a Hoyt Alpha Max always heard one of Hoyts best?

From: Shug
Same bow I’ve been shooting for 18 years... Matthews Icon

From: Knothead
2004 bowtech patriot

From: ESP
2002 Mathews Q2XL

Hoyt ultra tech

From: WapitiBob
Jennings T-Star, Mathews C4, and this Reckoning.

From: Buffalo1
Matthews eZ-7, till I met the Elite Ritual

Bow tech guardian was a hard one to beat.

From: papadeerhtr
never owned a Bow Tech but shot some they were nice. Always thought the Matthews Icon looked like one smooth shooter, never knew anyone who had one though

From: Jaquomo
Kelley Wildcat with both longbow and recurve limbs. Killed more big animals with that one with the RD longbow limbs than all other bows combined.

From: Ambush
Mathews Drenalin. Not too fast, no real wall, bit spongy. Let’s me get away with murder. (and lots of it)

Mathews Switchback


From: jstephens61
Actually, the one I shoot the most now. A 2015 Elite E35. Smoother and easier to hold than any bow I’ve ever shot. After that a Alpine Grand Teton that I changed the cams over to Hoyt Command cams.

From: t-roy
Mathews Switchback XT. Shot it from whenever they came out till last year. Shooting a Vertix now, but I’ve got my Switchback set up for turkeys, so I’ve been toting it around this past week. Smoothest bow I’ve ever shot.

From: RD in WI
Mathews Drenalin LD. I bought it due to its long axle-to-axle length that would support finger-shooting. I use a release now but still shoot the bow, as it shoots very well. I feel that it possess qualities of both a hunting bow and target bow.

From: Lee
Hands down Mathews Q2XL followed by my current Elite Energy 35.


From: Two Feathers
My Bruin recurve. At last count there were 26 bows in the house and it's the standout.

From: KsRancher
My dad has had several bows over the years. Just bought a PSE carbon air. Matthews before that. But he still says he would take his Thunderflight over all of them.

From: JTreeman
Another vote for the Switchback XT. A close second was Elite Z28, very similar bow to me. Still have my Z28, my buddy has my old Switchback XT.

Of course that is only till next years models come out, then they will be my favorite, or so they tell me.


From: elkmtngear
Jennings T2 Hunter, Martin Pantera, and my Elite Pure.

From: Trial153
Hoyt fast flight xl Elite Z28 Elite Spirit

The outback No cam Maxxis 31 even though it had absolutely no valley. My favorite shooter now is my z3 and it’s the cheapest bow I own at this time.

From: PAOH
My current Elite E32 edge out my Hoyt Alphamax32

From: GF
Can’t beat a Howatt Hunter. But I love ‘em all; 2 Howatts, a Wing, an RER, a Bighorn and now an Eaglewing...

I traded a Bowtech Guardian for the RER; the Bowtech left here with a QAD drop-away, a MBG 5-pin, a Scott release, a target-grade short stab, 8 or 9 arrows and a number of broadheads, and I still feel like I made out just fine on that deal.

The Guardian was a fine compound; I shot really well with it. But given the choice, I’d take a Martin Lynx over the BT any day. Just can’t stand not having my fingers on the string.

From: Bowboy
Carbon Spyder Turbo. I still own it.

From: Tilzbow
Habu Vyperkahn Longbow with triple carbon and bamboo cores and bocote veneers.

Hoyt Carbon Spyder Ultra for a compound.

From: Treeline

Treeline's embedded Photo
Treeline's embedded Photo
My homemade longbow has worked pretty well for me....

From: Bowbender
Mathews LX

From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
Absolutely all time fav

JMH traditions kanati.

From: Glunt@work

Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Home made in the garage. Won't say it performs better than many others but it is more fun to hunt with.

From: Spiral Horn
Mathews Switchback and Bowtech Destroyer

From: fubar racin
My favorite bow to shoot is my grandads old colt targetsman recurve, my favorite for hunting was my old diamond deadeye miss that bow it just made stuff dead.

From: Bowfreak
Nitrum 34 and Carbon Defiant 34.

From: Shawn
Mathews Ultramax cause I killed over 100 deer with it. Used it to fill nuisance permits for quite a few years. Shawn

Of the new bows I really like the Bowtech revolt or x. Easy in the shoulders.

Defiant 34

From: Grey Ghost
The original Mathews Conquest, without a doubt. Followed by the Drenalin, which I'm still hunting with.


From: Hawkeye
Bowtech Realm

From: Bou'bound
Carbon defiant

From: Kannuck
I absolutely love my Darton Pro 3800. I used to buy a new bow every couple of years until I bought my Darton. I still go to the pro shop and shoot the new bows when they come out. None of them have given me a reason to replace it. Nothing really stands out about it other than it fits me better than anything else I've owned and the fact that I feel like I can shoot a tick off a whitetail at 50 yards in a hail storm with it.

I'll keep trying the newest and "greatest" as they come out, but I don't really see myself replacing the old girl any time soon.

Another vote for the switchback xt. Should have never traded it.

From: milnrick
Really enjoyed the Mathews Switchback then switched to an Outback which was awesome... then I shot an Alpine Silverado and realized I could get amazing performance without breaking the back.

Now my go to (and favorite) bow is the Black 1.

From: hdaman
Another vote for the switchback. I still shoot it occasionally.

From: carcus
Bowtech experience, finally I could tune my broadheads without moving the rest out of center, sold her this winter and replaced with a new deer and bear killing SR6, amazing bow!

From: PECO
I'm still shooting my Diamond Black Ice, I love it as much as the day I bought it. I have a few recurves that I really like. Hard to pick a favorite for those.

2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34 with #2 Z5 cam

From: Scoot
Carcus, I'm still shooting an Experience. It's been a good bow for me. But my favorite was a Bowtech Commander (longer ATA Guardian). My nephew shoots it now, but it was an '07 or '08 Commander. Not a blazer by any means, but the quietest bow I've ever owned and I shot it well.

From: BC173
I think the year is 2000, but it’s a Mathews Q2XL. I own 3 of them and still hunt with them.

Hoyt AlphaZ 35 for me

From: APauls
Still have a Switchback XT as well. I'll never get rid of it. When I got it is when the killing spree began.

From: Boatman71
Xpedition X-Ring 7.... Excellent draw cycle, very light and smoking fast. Its getting some age on it but I will not part with it ever.

From: Joe Holden
2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo w/RKT cams. Before that was a Reflex Excursion.

From: Drummer Boy
Rocky mountain,Switchback.

From: nvgoat
Matthews Q2XL

From: boobowmen
Mathews MQ1

From: bigswivle
Switchback XT

From: huntnmuleys
Back when I used to shoot both compounds and traditional, I did a lot of hunting with a compound in the bowl I finally settled on with the limbsaver deadzone. That was the boat that made me go completely traditional, it was just too easy to kill everything in the woods with it. never did shoot a compound that shot as well for me.

It would be really hard for me to pick an all-time favorite traditional bowl, I have an old Big Horn takedown recurve, a Yellowstone takedown long bow, and a pronghorn recurve that could all easily be my favorite depending on the day LOL

I’ve owned a bunch, but my all-time favorite is my BowTech BTX-28.

From: kota-man
Whatever bow I'm currently shooting. If you want to get "nostalgic", the Mathews MQ1, followed by the Q2 were classics that I thought were the best ever never to be improved upon. Then, came the Bowtech Patriot, Guardian and Destroyer, all the "best ever". One of my favorite as of late is the Bowtech Realm X and Revolt X and the Hoyt RX4 Ultra. All of these have been my "favorite". :)

Darton Maverick from 2001

From: Snag
Sold my wheel bows yrs ago with no regrets. For recurves hands down Norm & Alan’s Blacktail Bow. Longbows would be Allen’s Liberty “Chief”. Carry an extra string and you’re ready to hunt. Light weight too.

From: xtroutx
Hoyt alfa max, bought it in 2009, still shoot it and don't see any reason to change.

From: Knife2sharp
SWaK, beat me to it - Darton Maverick. That was the only bow I missed after getting a different bow 4-5 years later.

Missing my Mathews Switchback XT. Regretfully I sold it.

From: Brotsky
Another vote for the old Switchback. It was slow, heavy, and had a backwall spongier than Rosie O'Donnell's thighs, but it sure was a pleasure to draw and shoot. My current Prime is better in every possible way, but for its era the Switchback was where it was at.

From: South Farm
My custom Asbell era Bighorn!

From: Beav
I still shoot my Switchback XT. I've been considering upgrading but afraid I won't be able to hit crap!

From: Dino
I shot a Hoyt Havoc-Tec for a long time and I killed a lot of critters with it...fond memories of that bow. Just recently, I upgraded my Carbon Defiant 34, that too was an excellent hunting bow and killed a ton of game; 2 favorites for sure! We will see if the Rx3 Ultra lives up to the others! Lol

From: Basil
Proline point blank was a heck of a bow in its day. Archery technology was changing by leaps & bounds in those days. Lots of manufacturers were having limb & riser failures back then. Really seemed worth it to upgrade every year or two back then. I just don’t see the quantum leaps in technology like back then to justify upgrading as often these days.

My favorite, all time bow is a Fred Bear Kodiak takedown recurve. Shot a few nice deer and a turkey with that bow. What I liked about that bow was the easy way it came apart with Fred’s innovative clamp system. It's a smooth shooting, quiet bow.

From: crowe
Mathews drenalin, I've got a few newer bows but it seems to find its way into the truck most times on the way to the stand. I can just plain shoot it. I don't know how many fletchings I've seen disappear into the vitals of whitetails and a few bears with that bow.

From: x-man
Honestly, I don't remember regretting the replacement of a bow with another. I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything I used to have.

My wife would like her Parker Challenger back. Her Elite is a full pound plus heavier, which she doesn't like.

Bear Whitetail Hunter it was the bow that I started with ages ago. Lots of good memories made with that beast.

From: Screwball
Martin Cougar Magnum, 1980's, so forgiving Now my Quest Drive is smooth.

From: stagetek
My Asbell Bighorn as well. 66" 65#. Excellent bow.

From: PREZ
Bowtech BTX 28

From: Whocares
XI Legend. Close to 30 years ago. Got an elk first year.

From: bud

bud's embedded Photo
bud's embedded Photo
Favorite is this self bow I made. Struggled and plodded along. Made few decent bows that I killed deer with. Met a man named Dean Torges at a shoot. Cloverdale I think not sure.

Bought book he had written called Hunting the Osage Bow. The lights came on, built first really good bow then more. Bow is credit to his experience and writing ability. Great man.

Osage with leather dye. Timber Rattlers were killed at Lake Cumberland KY. It's done share of killing is over 20 years Old been shot hundreds of times. Almost forgot favorite compound Martin Lynx.

From: bill v
Had a few High Country’s. They were radical bows, enjoyed them all

From: Snag
Very nice Bud. I too had talked with Dean and he taught and sparked a love of working with the natural character of woods to fashion a weapon.

From: bud
Yes Snag key word, he built weapons. I'm a cobbler compared to Dean. Never saw self bow with cast like his I shot. No doubt lot of new young bowyers taking it to new level.

From: stringgunner
Switchback XT. Shot it for 10 years. Purchased a Halon 32, 3 years ago and it’s great but loved my switchback xt.

From: Trophyhill
Used to be my it's my SR6 ;)

From: Nick Muche
Hoyt Nitrum 34

From: badbull
I've owned in the following order Ben Pearson, Jennings, Hoyt, Darton, Mathews, Mission, Diamond, and PSE (Some in different models). As far as the best, I would say in most cases each one performed better for me than the preceding one so I give them credit for advancements in the industry.

From: TxHuntr
Mathews ChillR, still hunting with it. I can get it out of the case after not touching it for 6-8 months and send the first 5 shot group down range in the center ring. Z7e would be a close 2nd.

From: deerslayer
Loved the Mathews MQ1 followed by the Hoyt Vector 35.

From: jmiller
Mathews Q2XL. Still shoot it

From: 76aggie
Bob Lee Signature Elite.

From: Ironbow-cell
1986 Hoyt Pro Hunter, 2003 Mathews Q2XL and Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34.

The Q2XL probably holds on target better than any bow I have shot other than the Defiant. Both are a lot of fun to shoot!

He's dead and gone now but I met Kiko Tovar back in Ohio while working for Gene Wensel the last year of his "Classic Whitetail" tour. We traded something and a little cash but he made these very short recurve bows with phenolic risers that were the coolest ever. Unfortunately, mine bounced out of the back of my truck somewhere in western Nebraska:(

From: AZ~Rich
Still shooting my Mathews Switchback.... Greatest bow I ever had.

From: Shiras42
Really starting to like the Bear Super Kodiak I bought on the P&Y auction last year.

From: maxracx
Mathews Q2, best bow I have ever owned.

From: Keefers

Keefers's embedded Photo
Keefers's embedded Photo
Just one of my favorites .This is a “Static” RER Arroyo I just love to shoot .

From: Bentshaft
Hoyt X-Tec, Ultra-Tec

Hey Bud, nice bow you made...looks real fine from the picture...I purchased that book a long time ago...still haven’t read it but now I’m thinking I should.

From: beemann

beemann's embedded Photo
beemann's embedded Photo

From: copperman
right now it's a draw between Drenalin and my current Prime Rize

From: rallison
My Whippenstick recurve and RD longbow. Unfortunately, the Bowyer got out of the business but my wife and son also shoot em.

From: t-roy
I remember the “hero shot” of that buck, Keefers. The mount turned out awesome on that beautiful buck!

From: 12yards
I've owned in my lifetime: Bear Polar LTD PSE Pulsar PSE Jet Flite Express Jennings ProMaster Hoyt Vectrix XL Martin Bengal Mathews Drenalin Hoyt Maxxis 35 Elite Synergy 60 and 50# Elite GT500 Elite Impulse 34

My favorite of them all, and it's not really that close, are the Synergys.

From: Timex
A Hoyt super slam. Think it was 44" it was 80# I shot fingers no peep & 2 meprolite pins & I was a killing machine with that bow. We did deer drives every weekend & during muzzleloader season I killed more deer in a day with that bow than the gun guys on occasion but it was mostly beying in the right spot. But that was the most automatic bow iv ever shot

From: redheadlover
Compound-1995 Browning Mirage FPS

Stickbow-made in 2012 Bigfoot Sasquatch hybrid longbow

From: Hank_S
Really liked my Mathews Switchback XT; recently purchased a Hoyt RX4 ultra...starting to REALLY like the rx4!

From: Ermine
Hoyt Vextor Turbo

Hoyt carbon matrix

Hoyt RX3 Ultra

From: Tajue17
Mathews Rival Pro,,,,,,,still my #1 bow and the only reason I really shoot a compound I try all the new bows every year and not one has convinced me it can do better than the Rival Pro..... I have two now but I'm still looking for a mint to great condition original camo RH Rival pro that pulls 50@27

From: Sawyer
Bowtech Commander, I've had several newer bows that I really like (Realm X currently) but I'm definitely keeping this one as a back up, long, heavy, ugly, and not very speedy but every time I shoot it I'm amazed at how unbelievably forgiving it is.

From: Royboy
Bowtech Realm X, have loved all my recurves

From: Snag
Hopefully the one I’m working on. It’s a 66” yew wood longbow. 54#@27”. Still have some fine tilling and then finish work and put a leather wrap on handle. I love yew.

From: wyliecoyote
Like many, I have owned a boat-load of bows the last 50+ years of bowhunting...but the bow I shot best was a Hoyt Alpha Max...especially shots at big game...Currently shoot a 2017 Hoyt carbon spyder 34...great forgiving and quiet bow....I just don't shoot it like I did the old Alpha Max.....that is a commentary on me, not the bow !!


From: Dave B
My current bow is a Elite Victory 37, which is my favorite. Prior to that I had an Elite E35 and the specs on the V37 fit me a little better but that was a sweet bow too.

From: arky
My bob lee recurve

From: nchunter
I have only owned 2 bows in 40 years of bowhunting- martin cougar mag and a matthews mq1. I just had new cables, new cam and a hamskea rest put on it. Best bow ever made by Matthews in my opinion. My local bow shop said if all hunters were like me he would be out of business..

From: Sivart
Mathews MR7

Bowtech Experience (until the limbs blow up)

From: Mark Watkins
Hoyt Faktor 34!!!!


Mathews Q2XL... Ed F

Bowtech Allegiance until limb failure...The Destroyer 340 (Still have) and my current Hoyt Pro Defiant...

My favorite compound of all time was a 2009 Bowtech Captain. I shoot a Carbon Defiant now and I honestly shot my Captain better. I gave my Captain to my oldest son a few years ago. He killed a pile of deer with it too.....until some jerk broke into his truck at A&M Commerce last year and stole it and all of his hunting (we were meeting for a week long hunt after class that day ).

My favorite trad bow is my Centaur Chimera, followed closely by my ACS CX, three piece. They just shoot where I am looking. I have not had a lot of bows that do that.

From: Oryx35
My current favorite is the Hoyt RX-1 Ultra, followed closely by the Ultratec. My 2 year old son loves the green bow posted by cnelk. Good times ahead!

Favorite compound bow was a smooth finger shooter in it's day.....Hoyt Spectra. Favorite recurve is the one I still use on occasion. A custom one made by Jim Brackenbury himself. Smooth and good shooter in its own right.

From: Heat
Bear Archery 1960 Kodiak

From: GhostBird
My old Hoyt Pro Hunter and my current Hoyt Nitrum 34.

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