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Valkyrie Arrows and broadheads
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ground hunter 22-Apr-20
Tilzbow 22-Apr-20
I sent a e mail to the company, but I am a little confused. So for those that shoot these, here is my question. Is this shaft with 4 fletch, made by Gold Tip in Utah, or the company advertised in Oregon. I have not heard back from the company yet.

What is your overall opinion of Valkayrei, I went on You Tube and watched Part 1, but you can not find Part 2, which I also wanted to see, that made no sense.

Kind of liked what I saw, however I only shoot 45lbs out of my compound and 40 out of my long bow, so I will have to wait for them to get back to me, if they have something for me........

From: Tilzbow
The specs on their shafts look very similar to Black Eagle X Impact shafts.

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