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Hen Pecked Decoy?
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Hunt98 23-Apr-20
Brotsky 23-Apr-20
Jaquomo 23-Apr-20
Medicinemann 23-Apr-20
Bake 23-Apr-20
4nolz@work 23-Apr-20
Ziek 23-Apr-20
From: Hunt98
Two years ago I got a DSD Jake and hen decoys. Since then I’ve had my hen decoy attacked by hens on five different times. I’ve never had that happen before I got the DSD decoys. Last weekend I had a hen come into the decoys. I could hear the Tom ‘spit-n-drum’ in the woods. The hen was attacking the hen decoy for a long time. The Tom never did come out into the field/decoys. After 10 minutes I could not hear the Tom ‘snd’ anymore. I gave it 10+ minutes and chase the hen away. The hen was aggressive attacking the decoy for at least 20 minutes.

Would a hen attacking the decoy prevent a Tom from coming into the decoys?

From: Brotsky
Hunt, it does not. I have had many toms follow their girlfriend into the decoys and watch them get into a cat fight. Chances are the tom was hoping both hens would return to him, or he may have been intimidated by the Jake decoy. Lots of reasons he didn't come in. The hen fighting likely not among them. Then again turkeys do what they do and non one really knows what's going on in that pea sized brain! Ha!

From: Jaquomo
I have a "Susie Snood" hen decoy from HS. She has an attitude. Like Brotsky, I have hens come from a long way to peck at her and often the tom follows.

From: Medicinemann
One of my DSD decoys has been pecked so much, the head portion has lost almost all of its color. I'm going to have to repaint it.

From: Bake
I would not have chased the hen away for nothing! I too have had hens attack my hen decoys. Most recently while two toms were coming in. One hen pushed my standing hen decoy almost over, and the toms still came in and worked the jake decoy and breeding hen. Was really fun to watch

From: 4nolz@work
very common,I had more decoy interaction the first year I bought DSD than the previous 20 years.The black is pecked off her eyes.Ive heard Dave Smith will repaint them.

From: Ziek

Ziek's embedded Photo
Ziek's embedded Photo
Pretty common for a hen to come in with an attitude...and fun to watch.

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