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Triax mods
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RTH 25-Apr-20
brantman 25-Apr-20
From: RTH

RTH's embedded Photo
RTH's embedded Photo
Buying a used triax, current mod is pictured below. I'm seeing a lot of different mod charts on the net and it looks like this one may be a 75%, 27.5" mod for the triax. I'm having a hard time finding any literature that will nail down all of the nomenclature on this module "CC2G35.A". Everyone says that the triax mods run about .5" long. If that is true then I'm looking for a 85% 27.5" length mod.

Can anyone shed some light on what all of this nomenclature means on a triax?

Another question, is the peak weight a modular change or a limb change on this model?

Many thanks

From: brantman
if its black its 85% silver is 75. traverse run half inch long for sure ,triax is spot on for me

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