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John Stallone / Zach Griffith
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Watched you tube tv today. This was amazing footage. John Stallone films and makes an amazing shot on desert sheep. Days of Wild. Then connects on a New Mexico Ibex hunt those animals, the way they scale the mountains is incredible. Than this Zach, misses his Ibex, BUT, it was a better film. It was self filmed, 2 weeks, the guy is a free style climber, WOW. Get a chance watch it, really good

Maybe My

From: Ucsdryder
Isn’t Zach the guy that went shed hunting for the day and ran out of water, got a cut on his arm and pushed the sos button? If it’s the same guy he’s president, ceo, cfo, and all the board of directors of the flat brim hat brigade. I think that would make him jaq’s hero!

From: Ermine
Yea Zac is the guy that got life flighted off the mtn

From: badlander
Zach did a series on "how not to kill an Ibex" when he pulled his archery tag that was pretty good. It was a while back but he wounded a big billy and spent a ton of time on the mountain looking for it.

UCS is right, he's the founding father of the flat brim troop but, I will say the dude hunts hard. He's like a poor man's Randy Ulmer with a millennial online marketing campaign.

What the flat brim troop?

From: Destroyer350
"What the flat brim troop?"

Its what the taco shell brim boomers call anyone under 40

From: WI Shedhead
I have three kids 20 and younger and when Flat brims, skinny jeans, piercings, blue hair, and tattoos are brought up, I just asked them what an employer would think of them looking like that or wearing that stuff at a job interview. We’re done next applicant please!!!!!

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