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Just wondering who all uses them? Looking for recommendations

From: Grubby
I do, I have a Rambo, not a recommendation.... just what I have

From: elknailer
I have a rad rover, good price, nice bike!

From: Jaquomo
Get with ebike John, who is a sponsor on here. He can steer you straight for your application. I have a Rambo but there are a number of good ones available.

From: jingalls
I’m looking at getting a Mule from John. He’s got a great review article for the 2020 bikes. I believe it’s at


BULELK1's Link
I'm pretty sure this is John's link.

Real honest guy.

Good luck, Robb

From: APauls
Got a Mule from John. Great guy to deal with

From: KHNC
I have an M2S mid drive 350. Pretty happy with it.

From: Grey Ghost
I love my Bakcou Mule from John at ebike Generation.


From: Knife2sharp
For place off limits to motorized vehicles, can they be used?

From: IKE220
I am happy with my Rambo.

From: Jaquomo
Knife2, depends. Currently on Department of Interior lands (National Parks, BLM, Wildlife Refuges) yes. BLM is in a public comment period. On National Forest, no. In Colorado, they are permitted anywhere conventional bikes can go, by law, unless a local jurisdiction regulates them otherwise. It's a state by state thing.

saw one this weekend, turkey hunting,,,,, it was dead silent, the guy just came cruising by,,,,, If I stood up in my guile, he would have probably crashed,,, ha ha

wish I had one

From: Ridgefire
I have over 500 miles on my Rad Rover with no problems. I have been really happy with it so far.

Thanks I think im getting a Rambo

From: eBike John
bowbender1967, I'm happy to give you some recommendations even if you have questions about bikes I don't sell. Or if you have some questions you'd like answered before you pull the trigger I'm here for you. you can message me in here or email me at or if you prefer to chat about it my number is 8887124686.

Stay safe out there

From: Adak Caribou
We have a Backcountry Mule and a QuietKat Bandit. The drive system on the Mule is a world of difference. Test ride some different brands if you can. You have to try it to fully get the difference in drive systems. They are a lot of fun.

From: El Je-bow
I just picked up a QuietKat Warrior. Plan to use it as a towny/grocery getter and for a few of my hunting spots. I like that they are a Colorado based company and the thing is a tank!

+1 El Je-bow

I use mine for a lot more errands than for hunting and it's great even though gas is under $2 a gallon now...…

Good luck, Robb

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