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Range Finding binoculars
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bighorn 27-Apr-20
Slam38 28-Apr-20
Bou'bound 28-Apr-20
butcherboy 28-Apr-20
leftee 28-Apr-20
t-roy 28-Apr-20
BTM 28-Apr-20
Outdoordan 28-Apr-20
hardcore247 28-Apr-20
wifishkiller 28-Apr-20
From: bighorn
Those who have or looked at both are the Leica Rangefinders Binocs. that much better than the Vortex Rangefinders. There is a big difference in price. Are they worth it?

From: Slam38
Big difference go with Leica if you have the money. Been using them for about 20 years all models. If not go with Nikon it has a better processor and that is what my son has .

From: Bou'bound
Leica optics are best in class

From: butcherboy
Yep, bought a pair from Sportsman’s Warehouse a few months ago when they went on sale for Loyalty members. I bought them for $1500 so I got $1000 off the price. 10 X 42 hd 3000.

Jut wish I would have drawn a tag so I could really get some use out of them.

From: leftee
Yes on Leica.Superior.Unmatchable getting readings on snow for sure.

From: t-roy
Bighorn....are you left handed, by chance? If so, you can oftentimes find an old style of the Geovids well worth the money. They put the ranging button on the left side of the unit for awhile, before changing the style. It’s set up perfect for a southpaw. Either way, Leicas are great optics.

From: BTM
Kind of obvious, of course, but high-end glass is only worth it if you also have high-end eyeballs. In my case, I lined up a $1,000 pair (Bushnell Fusions) and $3,000 pairs (Leica and Swaro) and couldn't tell the difference. Saved two grand and have never regretted buying the Bushnells.

From: Outdoordan
I have the new Sig Kilo 3000. Great glass and the rangefinder is really fast and I have ranged out past 2500 yards.

From: hardcore247
Had a pair of Leica's then won a pair of Vortex. Glass on the Leica is much better. Warranty on rangefinder with Vortex is much better. I ended up selling my Leica before they became outdated and bought a pair of Swaro's without the rangefinder.

If you are going to sit behind glass all day. Leica hands down. If you are going to wear them around your neck and glass once and a while, but use the rangefinder more. Vortex.

From: wifishkiller
No comparison from Leicas to vortex.

I have a new in the box set of zeiss rf 10x45s I can sell cheap.

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