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Swarovski ATS/ATX
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shakey 27-Apr-20
Smtn10PT 28-Apr-20
Kurt 28-Apr-20
shakey 28-Apr-20
From: shakey
What’s the difference between the ATX and ATS? I know the A stands for angle but what’s the difference between the X and S?

From: Smtn10PT
ATX is the modular one

From: Kurt
X is $1100 more in the 65mm size and you can get various objective lenses, i.e. 65mm and 95mm for them and use the same zoom eye piece and focus. They are superior optically to the S per the tests I read (I have the S style, angled and with the lighter magnesium body). Both the X and S are available angled or straight. The S style is lighter in weigh vs the X. The X also has a bino style eye piece available that is not a zoom, is bulky and heavy but apparently an optical marvel for $2,700 additional.

Rokslide had a bunch of threads on the X when they came out a few years ago. Google will help you find lots of comparisons.

From: shakey
Thanks guys

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