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Broadheads, Immitation or Real?
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Fuzzy 29-Apr-20
Ambush 29-Apr-20
1boonr 29-Apr-20
[email protected] 29-Apr-20
Kurt 29-Apr-20
nvgoat 29-Apr-20
Bowfreak 15-Jul-21
Ordered and received 5 pack of Thunderhead Broadheads from Sportsman Warehouse. The package is a totally different color, and the 'NAP' logo looks a little different to me. When I read the package they say 'Made in China'.

Are these imitation, or just different packaging from SW?


Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo
Habitat for Wildlife's embedded Photo
Here is the package.

From: Fuzzy
the packaging does look different. might contact the company and see if they've "sold out"??

From: Ambush
NAP was bought up (can’t remember who) and they also screwed up my beloved Spitfires. They only make one model now and it’s the crossbow model, but they don’t tell you that. The crossbow heads (now all) open quite a bit harder.

And the new NAP packaging is different.

From: 1boonr
They used to be made in forest park Illinois. Quality will suffer if they are made in China. Andy Simo would not be happy with his kids decision to sell the company and have it manufactured in China

Thanks guys. I have really liked and used them for a long time. They just don't appear to be made to the same standards as before.

Nothing new in the archery industry. Many companies/products that are successful get bought and rolled in to a collection under one umbrella and things change.

From: Kurt
NAP (Spitfire and Thunderhead) are part of the GSM Outdoor Group. GSM also sells Stealth Cams, Walker's Game Ears, Muddy Outdoors blinds, Hawk Hunting, Big Game, Birchwood Casey, Hunter Specialties, HME, SME, Bullseye Cameras, Cyclops, Boss Buck feeders, American Hunter feeders, Western River calls, Viking Solutions, Coyote Light, Crossfire Gear, Scent Slammer Clothing, Ammo Pal, Down & Out Blinds and Tekmat.

I've never heard of half of the companies, but they are headquartered in Texas. Some of the new Spitfires were hard opening for sure. The dimple plate is thicker and a few thousands of an inch deeper. That said some Spitfires they sent me on a warranty issue seem to be a bit better (easier opening) in the one package I checked so maybe they have corrected the issue?

From: nvgoat
I got some last year and they were harder opening. I simply opened and closed them manually a couple times and they seemed to loosen up.

From: Bowfreak
Just curious how the Spitfires or other NAP mechanicals have been performing since the buyout?

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