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South Dakota Prognhorn Outfitter Rec.
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Kannuck 30-Apr-20
Beav 30-Apr-20
Quinn @work 30-Apr-20
midwest 30-Apr-20
BC 30-Apr-20
JohnMC 30-Apr-20
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Nanuke22 30-Apr-20
Kannuck 30-Apr-20
BowmanMD 30-Apr-20
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Highlife 30-Apr-20
Tyler 30-Apr-20
elk assasin 30-Apr-20
jmiller 01-May-20
Too Many Bows Bob 01-May-20
oilcan 01-May-20
From: Kannuck
Hi all, looking for recommendations on a South Dakota pronghorn outfitter. (Please don't say Jim River Guide Service :) ) Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers!

From: Beav
Crago Outfitting, Belle Fourche, SD. Tons of antelope.

From: Quinn @work
Do you want the best? Do you require to be guided by the owner of the outfitting business? :)

From: midwest
lol@ Quinn!

From: BC
Milliron Outfitters, north of Camp Cook. Gentlemans name is Reece Clarkston. Great guy, great hunt.

From: JohnMC
Will Reece give him names and numbers of all 1600 people he has guide?

From: EJG
I hunted with Reece and loved my hunt, great guy

From: Nanuke22
Routier Outfitting

Randy & Ryan Routier

From: Kannuck
Thanks for the input so far.

More info: We're looking for a fully guided, accommodations and meals provided type of cushy hunt for the fall of 2021. This will be my first hunt for pronghorn. (I've taken many whitetails, multiple moose and one muley buck over 20+ years of bowhunting)

I suggested South Dakota because I'm planning on driving from Ontario to Manitoba (to pick up a good friend) then proceeding southward. I'd be open to something in upper northeast Montana as well if it seemed worthwhile.

P.S. I googled Milliron Outfitters and only got links to a place in Wyoming and a place called Routier Outfitting in S.D. ??

I appreciate all the help.

From: BowmanMD
I hunted with Reese at Milliron Outfitters and agree that it was a great hunt. Shot a P&Y antelope and both my boys and my 2 friends all tagged out on good bucks. Great food and decent accomodations (separate bunkhouse). We booked through Bowhunting Safari Consultants and I think they do most of the bookings for him and keep him pretty busy so he doesn't have to advertise or have his own website.

From: huntnmuleys
Routier would be my first call.

From: JAW
Russ Roberts at Western Gateway Outfitters. He hunts both western SD and eastern WY. Top notch outfit.

From: Highlife
2nd on Routier those brothers got some big goats.

From: Tyler

Tyler's embedded Photo
Tyler's embedded Photo
Hey Chris a group of us Manitoba boys hunted 2 times with Chris Peterson of Dakota hunting trips. We all tagged out both times some of us were holding buck and doe tags as well. you can also buy over the counter deer tag and possibly get a mulie. Chris has become a good friend of mine over the years and cant recommend him enough.

From: elk assasin
Belle River Outfitters should be just what you are looking for. Have great lodging and lots of antelope.

From: jmiller
Routier Outfitters

I'm curious as to why you don't want to hear about Jim's River?


From: oilcan
“Russ Roberts at Western Gateway Outfitters. He hunts both western SD and eastern WY. Top notch outfit.”

Great hard working outfitter. I have hunted with them twice.

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