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Auction Hunts
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Eric Vaillancourt 30-Apr-20
Eric Vaillancourt 30-Apr-20
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Pop-r 01-May-20
I have purchased over 30 hunts at various fundraisers over the years. Most have been excellent. However, I have learned a great deal about them and want to share some lessons learned.

1. I would advise contacting the outfitter directly and understanding all fees and extras. a. Is airport pick up included? b. How are the day of arrival and departure billed? c. Charter flights? d. Licenses, VAT, etc. 2. Check for available dates. ( often times prime dates are reserved for non-auction clients) 3. Check references. 4. Check (If there are multiple donations, it is usually a marketing effort. ( other fees are often inflated to cover the cost of the donation) 5. Compare trophy fee price list for the auction vs. normal prices. Several outfitters have a “special auction price list” that is higher than their normal price list. 6. Call the outfitter and compare to their normal daily rates etc.. Often times the value of the hunt is inflated dramatically. I looked at an Alaskan grizzly bear hunt at an auction last week that was listed at $24k. You could purchase the hunt directly for $15k. The SCI chapter was just trying to increase the dollars bid. 7. If at all possible ask to see a copy of the donation sheet from the outfitter. I have seen discrepancies between the auction blurb and the outfitter donation sheet. It was not my hunt and I understood both the hunter and the outfitter's position. The blurb said the donation was for a red stag up to and including a diamond level. The donation sheet clearly said the donation was for a bronze level stag or up to a diamond stag for an additional $8000. In this case, the local chapter flubbed the blurb in the brochure and it led to a lot of heartache for the hunter and the outfitter. I don’t know how it was resolved as my hunt ended while they were still trying to sort it out. 8. Is there a restriction on the weapons allowed? 9. Can a non-resident purchase this item? I bought a bobcat hunt in MI earlier this year only to find out later that a non-resident cannot get a license. 10. Are alternate years available? 11. What happens if you do not draw a license?

I hope this is helpful. If you have any other ideas, please share.

I hope you have a great season once we get started.

Other things to consider...

1. Are you required to bring another hunter, at what price? 2. Are you required to take a certain number of other animals at the price list?

Eric. I have learned very similar lessons when at these fundraisers. Very good to know and appreciate it

From: StickFlicker
As Eric said above, I have experienced almost all of these issues too. Recently, the auctioneer said that the hunt included a cape buffalo, when in fact the description just mentioned it on a list of other animals that could be added. The price shot up after that, and a hunter way overpaid for what was actually included. In my experience, it's VERY common for the descriptions not to match what the outfitter truly donated. Both the hunter and the outfitter are then in a bad position. The only party that doesn't suffer then is the fund raising group and their auctioneer, the exact people that SHOULD be held responsible for their misrepresentation.

From: 4nolz@work
My experience is auction donated hunts put you in the gar hole.Halfhearted efforts by outfitters.

From: Pop-r
Wise advice! I'm curious if one recorded the auction could the auctioneer not be held accountable?

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