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Maine bear outfitter?
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ScoutII 30-Apr-20
Kevin Speicher 01-May-20
Bou'bound 01-May-20
Eric Vaillancourt 01-May-20
Nanuke22 01-May-20
ScoutII 01-May-20
So467 05-May-20
From: ScoutII
I've hunted several times in NB and considering Maine. Any outfitters that rival the best of the NB outfitters? Thanks in advance.

I have hunted both Maine and New Brunswick, I'm sure there are some outstanding outfitters in Maine, but I drive right through to hunt New Brunswick. I have found much greater success in NB, with both quantity and quality. If you want a quality hunt and the possibility of shooting a giant, call Dave Cole at Trophy Safaris International in NB.

From: Bou'bound
TSI for me to 7 times but if you can’t get across the border.............


From: Nanuke22
Wade Kelly

Tyler Kelly Camps

From: ScoutII
I've hunted with Loyd Gates and Salmon river bend. I would hunt with both again but my wife is coming so we are trying to stay in Maine. Preferably a nice lodge.

From: So467
Talk to Jay Ferris At Maine Experience guide device. he is starting up a bear hunt and has had some great bears on camera during daylight hours. Only Takes two guys but I would not hesitate to hunt with him. He called a great bull moose in for me.

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