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Mountain Goat
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WI Shedhead 01-May-20
DonVathome 01-May-20
Treeline 01-May-20
INDBowhunter2 01-May-20
bowonly 01-May-20
Treeline 02-May-20
KHunter 02-May-20
Sandbrew 03-May-20
Grey Ghost 03-May-20
CK 03-May-20
JSW 03-May-20
mountainman 04-May-20
From: WI Shedhead
No goat tag for me. 13 points and I bought a point

From: DonVathome
No tag here either, I went for nanny too

From: Treeline
And,,,,,, nada.

had one last year. Was not expecting any luv.

Nothing here either, been trying the last 4 years to draw a nanny tag. I now have 3+7 for next year.

From: bowonly
I wish good luck to all you guys that are late to the party. I didn't draw again with 18 points. I will only have 18 points because I refuse to buy any more points. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 19 times, shame on me!

AIthough I have a goat, I would like to go again before I get any older. But when you total up the cost of the $2240.20 license, the $82.78 for the qualifying small game tag, and (don't forget) the $9 app fee, then add the cost of a guided goat hunt in Colorado, another BC hunt is going to be close to the same price. Bigger goats and guaranteed tag, too.

Sorry....Sour grapes rant. Nothing to see here folks. Move along...….

From: Treeline
Heck Rich, your home state has better goats and odds!

You also have Idaho next door with no points that has pretty decent odds, considering. Feel like I will draw moose and goat there before I win the lotto in CO again for goat or ever for moose!

Alaska can be done fairly reasonable, if you play your cards right...

BC is pretty pricy, unless you can talk Ambush or Kurt into adoption...

Good luck in the rest of the draws!

From: KHunter
Gosh, no other successful goat draws?

I did draw goat and looking forward to a fun bowhunt.

From: Sandbrew
I got lucky again this time for a Nanny. Sandbrew

From: Grey Ghost
No goat or sheep love for me this year. I spent the $114 for the privilege to play, again.

I'm most optimistic about elk. Anyone know when CO elk draw results are usually posted?


From: CK
June 1-5

From: JSW
No goat for me.

From: mountainman
No goat or sheep for me.

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