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Nock 02-May-20
Sawdust 02-May-20
brettpsu 04-May-20
Nock 05-May-20
CONative 13-May-20
Missouribreaks 25-May-20
From: Nock
Been a while since I've been on here. Looks like I finally drew a goat tag. G10, First rifle, either sex. Plan on hunting bow with rifle as last resort. If anyone has hunted the unit in recent years, please PM me to discuss. Now I need to loose 20 lbs and get my ass in shape. Also posting this on general page. Thanks!

From: Sawdust
I drew G10 second season. I sent you a PM.

From: brettpsu
Congrats on the tag! Always saw them on Quandary but if you hunt it you will probably have hikers to deal with. The trail up to Quandary would be a good starting point but there's plenty of other trails nearby that could loose some recreational peeps. Lots of goats on the southern border of the unit in years past. Good luck.

From: Nock
Thanks Brett. Have already plotted kill sites from past years. Seems most basins North and South of Quandary have goats. Just need to spend time up there this summer. Does anyone know the name of a good goat resource at P&W?

From: CONative
I drew the nanny 1st season tag for G10. Sent you a PM Nock. I would love to talk to some guys that have experience with the unit. Sounds harder to escape the hikers than find goats so wanting tips from guys on basins with less people.

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