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carcus 05-May-20
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Since, the border is shutdown lots of bear hunters are going to be staying home. I decided to resurrect "The Bear Hunting Project," so the avid bear hunter can follow along. The plan is to provide updates whenever we check the baits and/or hunt.

I moved my bait again this year, second move in 2 years after having my original site since 2010. The burrs got really bad, and the bears looked terrible coming into the bait. Plus, it seemed like I only got a chance at a big bear every other year.

Well, hopefully this helps all the hardcore bear hunters to get through the season!

From: Herdbull
Good stuff David!

From: jdbbro
I enjoyed it. Good luck this year David. I hope Noah shoots a tank.

Thanks Mike...Good to see you here Jim!

From: SBH
Look forward to this every year! Thanks for taking us along David. You guys got some great bears up there and always have good footage. Have fun with your son and whack a couple giant yogi!

From: t-roy
Looking forward to following along, David! Lots of guys are going to be living vicariously through you this spring. Good luck!

From: carcus
I think in getting better looking with age! Hopefully we can get some giants this year to share on film!

From: Nick Muche
Can’t wait to follow this one, best of luck you guys!

From: NY Bowman
Thanks David! Any hope of border opening in time for June hunts?

Thanks Nick, I'm sure you turn a couple bruisers as usual. Are you going after grizzly again?

Hey Terry, good to see you here. I don't think the border will be open for any June hunts, but I guess you never know? It would be nice.


Episode 3 is up. This might be the last video of "The Bear Hunting Project - 2020" unless my wife picks up a compound and tries for her first bowkill animal this fall.

I’ve done that a Time or two also. Great bear!

From: 35-Acre

35-Acre's Link
WOW! This coats really get messed up with burrs!

(link here to Episode 2)

From: Grubby
Caucus, don’t be silly.... you just can’t get any better looking.

Love the videos!

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