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New arrows
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From: bghunter
I am looking for new arrows to go with my new vortex american archer broadheads. I am currently shooting carbon express 300 at 27 inches out of a hoyt shooting 70 lbs. Any suggestions with an arrow ? I dont hunt much anymore so most of my shots will be short range so looking more for good KE and pentration then blazing fast speed.


From: Zoda
More KE (momentum is really what you want) will be found in the weight of broadhead/insert not just the arrow. I say that bc the spine of the arrow needs to match or work with the BH. I shoot #70 Bowtech Insanity and just finished shooting multiple gr field tips in 2 different spines of arrows to see what grouped best. Do yourself a favor and get Ranch Fairy test kit from Ethics archery or Sirius Archery offers it with their arrows. YouTube Ranch Fairy and watch for details. I shot Sirius Apollo 200 and 250 spine as well as Victory 250 and 300. Both 26” and all groups bare shaft (100-300 grain field tips) were within 4” but the 200 gr on both stiffer spines grouped at 1.5” from 20 yds as did the 100 gr on Victory 300. Inserts were 110 gr. Both are good arrows. The Sirius is thicker walled micro weave, both same diameter. Sirius weighs 638 gr total w fletchings 21% FOC. Victory RIP 553 with 25% FOC. Will shoot both again from 30 yd and fletch but 200 gr plus 110 insert was the best flying BH bottom line. Penetration is non-issue with this set up.

From: Matt
It is hard to go wrong with Easton Axis, probably a 300 but you may be able to get by with a 340.

From: ohiohunter
You could lighten up to 340’s @ 27” with 100 or 125 up front. With axis you’d be 395-425gr roughly, I think, don’t quote me. But nothing wrong with your current set up, should be a hammer. FOC will be a little light with 100gr, but won’t mean squat at short range.

From: carcus

From: bghunter
Thanks for the ideas and options. I was considering going to FMJ or Axis, so glad I am getting good suggestions for them. At least I know I am somewhat on tract.

From: Shaft2Long
Real hard to beat Easton Axis.

From: Zebrakiller
I cant wait to see

From: sundowner
Easton ACC. Tough, straight, and durable.

From: Bou'bound
Need new arrows because you got new broad heads. Reminds me of my wife buying a new purse then needing a new pair of shoes and belt to go along with it

Love my axis

From: GF
“ Reminds me of my wife buying a new purse then needing a new pair of shoes and belt to go along with it”

Well, DUUUUH!!?!


I must’ve missed something. What’s the weight difference between old heads and new?

If the heads weigh the same, your spine requirement shouldn’t change, right?

If you increase overall weight with same point weight, your spine requirement will decrease.

But I’m not even clear whether you’re thinking to change spine or just the make/model.

From: Buffalo1
What is wrong with your current arrows ?

Let the man buy new arrows... geeeez... He's got the WUHAN.. I know I've bought way too arrows, fletchings, weights etc etc.. Amazon Addict

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